City: Sofia
Address: ul. Kiril Hristov 50

Phone: 02/ 920 95 95; 0886 611 244
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"Balcho Agro Product" Ltd. "Balcho Agro Product Ltd" produces a wide range of natural, herbal products without using preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other substances harmful to the human health. We use only high quality and tested raw materials with appropriate certification for quality and durability. WE do not use GMO materials. Products meet the safety standards and food control of the Bulgarian and European legislation. There are systems in place to control the quality and safety NASSR and GMP. About Us We at "Balcho Agro Product" Ltd. monitor the market trends of healthy foods and try to meet the demands and needs of our customers. We constantly diversify our product range. We deploy new machines and technologies to improve our product quality and increase productivity. Products Natural crude oils for healthy and delicious menu Tahini and Peanut butter Natural crude oils for cosmetic and medicine Pumpkin oil; Sesame oil; SHARLAN – sunflower oil; Flax oil; Walnut oil Whole grain Sesame tahini; Sesame tahini uncooked; Sesame tahini with Flaxseed; Sunflower tahini; Peanut butter natural; Peanut butter with honey; Sesame tahini baked Walnut oil; Pumpkin oil; Almond oil; Apricot oil; Flax oil; Grapeseed oil; Sesame oil Kernels & ground pastes for bakery and confectionery Protein flours Nuts & seeds Peanuts baked peeled; Peanut paste; Sunflower paste; Sesame paste Almond flour; Flaxseed flour; Mixed ground seeds; Sesame flour; Pumpkin flour Flax seed; Sesame seed; Pumpkin seed; Pumpkin seed kernels; Sunflower seed kernels; Walnuts in shell; Walnut kernels Contacts Sofia, kv.Suhodol str. Kiril Hristov 50 secretary sales accounting tel: 02/ 920 95 95 tel: 02/ 829 02 80 fax: 02/ 920 95 96 mob: 0886/ 61 12 44 "Balcho Agro Product" Ltd.
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