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MULTIIMPEX Company produces high-quality building materials according to the requirements of the European and international quality standards, using ecological materials, know-how and experience of European and American chemical concerns with established names in construction chemistry.

We are firm, specializing in the production of pallets, pallets, wood products and more. The production is fully consistent with the requirements of the client – set by our customers’ technical parameters or drawing sketches.

ЕМС ГРУП ЕМС ГРУП е от водещите фирми в бранша и е с дългогодишен опит в търговията на едро със строителни материали, сухи строителни с

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Ai Dji Net" was established in 2007 and specializes in supply of nets for agriculture, horticulture, construction and sport, produced in the factory of our Italian partner Retificio Padano, Italy. Our goal is to satisfy the customer's requirements and we are proud , that we manage to

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Sooner or later every home appears need something to repair , renovate ,correct . And began to make up what and how building materials will you need. If your activities are not in the building will you need some information before you buy anything . Welcome

Clearly and concisely we collect and maintain you a huge database of manufacturers and suppliers of building materials.Huge variety of products in this group is continuously growing . appear new products that save a lot of effort , time, energy consumption and provide high quality of the construction works . Browse safely , what Products are available for the different cases . Select the most appropriate for your needs. Check out how to work with these building materials, how they work , Opportunities offered , how much you need. Be aware of prices.Remember how simple our portal ! You will need it again

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