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I & V Consult

Overall company consultancy - financial, accounting, tax, administrative,
Sofia, bul. Dimityr Petkov № 100, vh. A, ap. 4, parter

Full company consulting- the development and implementation of the entire leadership and administration management for companies in all fields of business. Business plans and strategies for investment and company development and management, marketing research & strategies, as well as consultation in their development and implementation. Full service and consultation regarding purchase and deals with real estate. Complex financial, accounting, legal, insurance, marketing and advertising services for companies and individuals. We represent both Bulgarian and International clients and companies. WE DO NOT ABIDE BY CURRENT RULES AND STEREOTYPES! INSTEAD WE CREATE ONES THAT REPRESENT THE BUSINESS INTERESTS OF OUR CLIENTS AND PARTNERS! WE DON’T ACT STEP BY STEP, BUT QUICKLY, PROFESSIONALLY AND CORRECTLY! WE AIM TO REACH OUR GOAL, BECAUSE WE KNOW THAT THE TIME OF OUR CLIENTS IS A PRICELESS ASSET! I & V Consult Ltd is an association created at the beginning of 2007. The firm is made up of the companies “M – Management”, “Panchev and co” and “Mistral”. I & V Consult Ltd is a product of a longtime partnership and association of its employees, and their wish to create a mobile and flexible consulting company. The creation of the company is a result designed to answer to the political and economical changes in Bulgaria. We are headed towards a new time, the time of our membership in the European Union, the time to improve the quality of our services, particularly in the field of business consultation, management, finances, accounting, taxes, administrative and legal services. Based on that, as well as our professional experience and our team of highly qualified and skilled young professionals, backed up by the trust of our clients we managed to create a portfolio of services. This allows us to provide a full and complete service to companies and individuals, and to keep up with the growing needs of the Bulgarian market, as well as the needs of clients and partners from Europe and the whole world. Business Consultation and Services Management and administrative consultation Consultation, the design and implementation of a full leadership and administrative management, for companies in all fields of business /structure, rulebooks, guides, documentation/ Consultation and assistance in the selection and management of human resources The creation of business plans and strategies for investments and company development, as well as consultation in their development and management The creation of marketing research and strategies, as well as consultation in their development and implementation. Full training and consultation with real estate deals, as well as consultation with construction/repair projects Consultation and the development of plans and programs for the Health & Safety work conditions -ЗБУТ Consultation and development of system for the analysis of the danger and control of critical points in the manufacture and offering of food products and stock - НАССР Assistance and inside audit at the development of systems for quality management - ISO Consultation and preparation of documents for the participation of companies in major financial and commercial deals Consultation and preparation of documents for the participation of auctions and community orders by ЗОП Assistance and consultation in the creation of corporate insurance Full inside-company administrative audit and the development of strategies for the lowering of company expenses. We represent both Bulgarian and International clients and companies Accounting Full accounting management Processing of current accounting documents The creation of periodic and annual financial reports in accordance with Bulgarian law – accounting balance, reports for profit and loss, reports for the financial flow, report for the self capital and applications Verifications-declaration and journal by ЗДДС Intrastat declaration, VIES declaration Current consultations over ЗКПО , ЗДДС , ЗОДФЛ and КТ Payment documents for taxes, income tax and other payments Creation of inquiries and analysis for owners and managers of companies Creation of a register for wages, certificates, work orders/notes and others Creation and authentication of labour agreements and income tax books. Financial Financial analysis and economic validation for projects Planning of financial flows and the creation of a budget Inside-company financial control and audit The development of business plans and strategies Assistance and consultation of bank credits Assistance and consultation of quick credits against a guarantee Taxes Annual tax declaration for individuals and legal representatives by ЗКПО and ЗОДФЛ Registration and services by ЗДДС Connections and contacts staff from НАП (National agency of income) Assistance with the creation of financial audits and check ups, as well as the required documentation for them Tax consultation, and tax protection Legal Quick registration for trade associations, associations under ЗЗД, trade representatives, branches for foreigners and legal representatives. Research, consultation over clauses, creation of various documents & contracts, notary deeds, settlement of ownership and others Check up and validation of construction and building documentation, the check up and creation of contracts for CMP (check up that construction is within the norms and requirements), representation in front of all national, state, tax and legal authorities. Property right – investigation of the legal status for real estate, land status, the creation and modification of the rights to agricultural land, investigation of construction documentation for property buildings and the land they are constructed on. Tax and financial rights and laws Others Consultation and the entire creation and manufacture of the company styling- logo, blanks, business cards, envelopes, brochures, company stamp, lettering, coloring and many others. Consultation and realization of automobile and real estate insurance for companies and individuals Consultation and purchase of second hand automobiles over simplified leasing schemes Property of „I & V Consult” Ltd is: Business club – Bistro Mistral Located also on “Klokotnica” street, № 20 A wonderful place, offering a pleasant atmosphere for the organization of business meetings and company parties and cocktails. For clients and partners of the company, Business club – Bistro Mistral offers preferential VIP discount cards