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Tuplex LTD

Tuplex LTD - importer of acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and other plastics sheets, tubes and rods for advertising, construction and industry
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Tuplex LTD Importer of acrylic, polycarbonate, polystyrene, PVC, polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon and other plastics sheets, tubes and rods for advertising, construction and industry       About ud: Real success requires courage and unshakable faith in success. In the 1990s, when we began operations, Poland was a country of great economic and political transformation, the nature of which was still being shaped. Investing in plastics was hardly recognizable and not common then and it seemed a big risk. Encouraged by the words of one of the characters in the film "The Graduate", according to whom "plastics is the future", we decided to take the risk. We believe that dreams should not be limited, so from the beginning we assumed that our company was going to become a nationwide organization and a leader in its industry. Today, we are building a European organization, and our goal is to be a leader in Central and Eastern Europe. We continually strive to anticipate our customers' needs and build strong business relationships. We use the knowledge and experience gained during twenty years of cooperation with major chemical companies in the world. Our suppliers are the most reputable manufacturers, including Alcoa, Altuglas, Avery, Basf, Bayer, Ferrari, Sabic and 3M. All contacts with suppliers and customers are longstanding. Efforts to constantly increase the quality of our service translate into the dynamic development of the organization and its highest asset, which is human capital. In line with our motto "We invest in your success", we adapted our terms and credit policy to the needs of our customers. Customers are served directly in our branches throughout the region and visited at their premises by specialized consultants providing customer support and professional technical advice.       Materials: Our assortment of almost 10 000 product items in 25 product groups.        Advertising For many years we have been looking for and launching new products for artists, designers, stage designers and creators of advertisements.;A wide range of colours, variety of formats, thickness and types of materials can unleash the creative potential and inspire the search for interesting ideas. Tuplex offers materials commonly used in the production of advertising panels, racks, signs, exhibitors, as well as elements of interior design and exhibition stands. Digital print media constitute a large segment, while displays and LED video screens are our latest products. Products: PMMA sheets PVC sheets PET sheets PS sheets LED displays LED lights Textiles for digital printing Pneumatic fabrics Industry fabrics Self-adhesive films and others        Construction The liability of constructors and contractors of construction projects sets an ambitious task. Contracting parties require the highest quality materials and expect attractive prices. For the construction industry, we offer a wide selection of materials produced by the biggest manufacturers from around the world. All our building materials have passed the appropriate examinations, they meet certain standards and have the required certificates. Solid and multi-wall polycarbonate sheets Corrugated PVC sheets Noise barriers Staron mineral-acrylic sheets XPS insulation materials, EPS, wool HPL sheets        Industry In our warehouses we have materials used both in simple industrial solutions, as well as highly advanced engineering structures.All our products meet quality standards and design requirements and guarantee precision. The materials we offer are used, among others in the manufacture of technological lines, equipment and machinery covers, transportation components, furniture, packaging and playgrounds. HIPS boards ABS boards PA POM PET/PETG PVDF PP PE Hard PVC films Hard PP films Hard PET films       www.tuplex.bg