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ET Ivo Popov scope of activity - design studio space, advertising and graphic design, web design and development of corporate websites, corporate identity, advertising strategies, marketing and advertising. At the studio working professionals with high qu
IDEA NOVA   About us > ADVERTISING DESIGN STUDIO – IDEA NOVA Ltd . was established at the autumn of 2006 by Ivo Popov. The business activity of the company is Expo design and Graphic design studio, Logo design and Corporate identity, Advertising  and Advertising strategies. Ivo Popov Master of Expo and Graphic design from the National Art Academy, Sofia 1991, member of The Bulgarian Art Union – unit “Expo and Graphic design”, Associate lecturer in “Special Layout “ in the subject “ Posters and visual communication” at the National Art Academy” in Sofia city, Associate lecturer in Design and Architecture Department. - New Bulgarian University, Sofia,; member of management and governing council of “Expo and Graphic design” unit of Bulgarian Art Union /1996 – 1999/. During the long years of professional experience as a designer, he has created and fulfilled numerous advertisement and corporate projects. He has won competitions for company logo design and graphic design. Designed by him exhibition stands has been used for the International Fair in Nurnberg ( Germany ), exhibitions in Los Angelis and San Francisco ( USA ), the International Fair in Plovdiv, the International Exhibition Center in Sofia ( Bulgar Reklama), thе National Palace of Culture - Sofia. Още за Нас In our long experience as a designer has created many projects and implementations for corporate, advertising and spatial design. Has won over 30 contests logo and complete corporate style advertising firms such as: TIVAMEKS Holding Hranserizinzhenering Shop Labyrinth, Municipality of Elin Pelin, "Radio" Atlantic ", ART SIGN EXPRESS / Boston, USA, QUEEN BURGER Bulgaria, Med PALHUTEV" M & T2001 / Ontario / Genetic and medikodiagostichna Laboratory "GENIKA", Company for fishery products - "CHEESE" KLIVENTO and many others. others. A graphic design for companies such as: Boro-terracol, Ministry of Agriculture, BAE Systems International - Bulgaria / USA /, NETAFIM - Bulgaria / Israel /, LAZATEK, Apollo, VITOPLAST, SPL-Bulgaria / Austria /, SKINTER-EUROBUILD, Alfa Quality, HIDROLIFT, KLIO , METRO Reklama, Milk Trade, SUPERNOVA MEDIA and others. Designed thereof exhibition stands are made in the International Fair in Nuremberg / Germany, exhibitions in Los Angeles and San Francisco / USA / International Fair Plovdiv International Exhibition Center - Sofia / Bath House / National Palace of Culture - Sofia. Designed the ad and spatial design of commercial and public projects such as: Bulgarian National Bank, Shop "Labyrinth" - Sofia, ASTRA OPTIC - Sofia ART SIGN EXPRESS (Boston, USA), Apollo - Sofia and others. Advertising design studio - NEW IDEA works in a team with some of the best professionals in the field of advertising and press in Bulgaria. Trust us, you choose professionalism, time-proven experience, loyalty and honesty.   Services Expo Design - Company Stands for Expositions - Displays - Exhibition systems - Museum exhibitions Exterior Design - Outdoor advertising - Advertisement upon vehicles Interior Design - Showrooms - Displays - Furnishing systems - Art lamps - Ralitza Popova - Rali Graphic design - Logo design - Corporative design - Labels - Covers of books - Print design - Art photography - 3D design Web design - Corporate web sites