Marie Bentz was one of the first Bulgarian companies in the field of industrial weighing and measuring equipment, established in 1990 with site in Burgas, a city on the Black Sea Coast. Marie Bentz is a manufacturer of truck scales, railway scales, crane scales, platform scales, pricing scales, laboratory scales, strain gauges, weighing electronics, industrial systems for measuring weight, identification systems and complex engineering solutions in the field of weight measurement annually. We offer also electro-pushers and brakes, relay technique, equipment for cranes, electric motors of world leaders who are our partners. Since 2007 Marie Bentz is authorized for the EO-Verification of scales (conformity assessment). Marie Bentz is certified by international quality standards ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO / IEC 17 025:2005. During the year 2008/2009 Marie Bentz built with financial support from the European Union the calibration laboratory for calibration of measuring mass and to issue DKD-calibration certificate LABOR BENTZ. Truck scales Axle Load Scales Railway Scales Crane scales Platform scales Price computing scales Loadcells and Sensors Laboratory and analytical Balances Analytical balances Precision balances Pocket balances Software Тest Weights Accessories for scales Electronical equipment Brakes DMS The DMS. Diagnosis and monitoring system serve the monitoring and control of modern industrial standard drum and disk brakse. Well-proven sensors are able to make available all relevant information on the functioning of the brake. Various versions of the system enable us to do justice to specific customerrequirements after carrying out a brake diagnosis, right up to integration in a computer data BUS. ELHY thruster Today electro-hydraulic units, also known as ELHY thruster, are predominantly employed in heavy lifting equipment and conveying equipment. In combination with modern drum and disk brakes they ensure safe and gentle braking. They ensure the safety of people and machines alike during braking procedures as well as in emergency or power failure situations, for example when then power supply is cut off. Continual innovative further development are characteristic for ELHY units which have been produced for 50 years at Oschersleben. Over this period approximately 1 million electro-hydraulic units of four generations of products have been delivered under the trademark of ELHY®. Relay