“EMA” is founded 1995. The company’s business is selling and producing office supplies. During the years of development the company makes contacts with big companies, such as “Sofia Press”, “Zhorzhos”, “Maksima”, and many others. After two years on the market we expanded our business and start producing pencil cases. After the successful launching of the pencil cases to the market, we decided to start producing more new products as hand bags, business suitcases, ID and business cardholders, plastic book covers, restaurant’s menus, document folders and many other products made of PVC materials. “EMA” has its own shops throughout the city /Sofia/. We have connections abroad as well. We can offer you big choice of products in different colours and materials. Thanks to the high standard machinery, materials and experienced staff we are able to achieve very high quality. - Ladies bags - Beach bags - Another bags - Pads and dressing-cases - Binding - Another accessories