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You want to be in the world of the best vacations in Bulgaria? Then our toursits agency "EUROTOURS" with licence number 05387 is ready to fulfil your requirements. Our team is energic and devoted to its work.
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Travel agency EUROTOURS-VT You want to be in the world of the best vacations in Bulgaria? Then our toursits agency "EUROTOURS" with licence number 05387 is ready to fulfil your requirements. Our team is energic and devoted to its work. Our first priority is the cultural tourism. We offer traveling lessons, thematical tours, schools amidst the nature, symposiums and seminars. More about us We offer you listed below services: * Organized excursions in Europe and in Bulgaria * Holidays * Individual travels in an organized manner * Preparation of traveing routs in accordance with client's desire * Making of hotels' reservations * All processes for organizing of companies' seminars * Students' excursions and and school stuents' farewell balls * Medical ensurances * Own transport Student Excursions The EUROTOURS Team has successfully designed specifically for its youngest friends wealthy kinds of different and interesting excursions’ programs and “schools in the thick of the glamorous Bulgarian nature”. On each of our excursion of type “School among the nature” or summer camp You are waited by numerous of surprises – games, competitions, quizzes, PRIZES and etc... The excursions can be one, two or a couple of days. Dear Tourist, be sure that all of them are in subjection of the phrase “Make familiar with Bulgarian, for get to like it!” Along with the funny antics and games during the tour time You have the great opportunity to see, learn and find out a lot of new things for the population places, for the typical inhabitants, for the customs and traditions of the Bulgarians during the centuries and …just take a part in some of our travelings.“School among the nature” is one of our favourite products. You choose the vacation destination and place, we do all organization procedures. For every day of Your golden recreation time we have prepared interesting activities - marches, walking tours in the local region, sporting activities. Don’t forget to pick with you up your colourful pencils, paints and painting sheets, because actually You will have a need from them. Summer camps are already traditions in our work to make Your dreams true. With great care and attention we select all sea bases and accommodations; it is absolutely necessary to provide You medical care, a life-guard and a tourist guider for every group. Neptune – well known Sea God – is our old friend and he often goes to our camps usually in evening hours to give You different sea names. If EUROTOURS has captured Your attention and curiosity, do not hesitate to write us down via our e-mail address or just phone to us in our office for more information. Types of School Trips Green/Forest Schools Arbanassi Apriltsi Velingrad Tryavna Pamporovo s.Sredni booths Semkovo Bansko, Central Balkan National Park, site of Usana, Dobrinishte, s.Chiflik. Blue/Sea Schools - St. VLAS The presence of air currents between the sea and the near mountain gorge determines a gentle, pleasant and unique natural phenomenon, which cleans the air from dust and other irritants. The natural aerosol of the sea, combined with the crystal-clear air are natural phenomena with a powerful curing climatic effect on the bronchial asthma and other specific pulmonary deceases. It is no accident that in the immediate vicinity, only 1 ?m away is located the only Sea sanatorium in our country. The combination of sea and mountains and the prevailing Mediterranean climate make St. Vlas a preferred tourist site. White/Snow Schools - Pamporovo, Bansko Pamporovo, as s pearl of the Bulgarian mountain resorts is seated in the heart of The Rodopha Mountain - 260 kilometres away from Sofia capital, 85 kilometres away from Plovdiv city in south direction and 15 kilometres away from Smoliyan town. A day only spared on the mountain ski tracks is enough to obtain light charming sunburn, due to Pamporovo has wined the title “One of the sunniest mountain resorts in Bulgaria”. There is strongly Mediterranean influence added to the naturally soft climate. The average annual temperature is around 8,5°С, and the snow is 140 – 150 centimetres in thickness. The altitude of the facility is 1 650 metres with the highest peak 1 926 metres and name Snejanka. Bansko is a town in the South-Western part of Bulgaria. Its exact location is in Blagoevgrad Province so close to Razlog town. Forward we could say that Bansko is an administrative centre of the Bansko Municipality. Bansko town has been a revival centre of the Bulgarian national spirit in Pirin’s Macedonia – a territory which has boundaries with Greece and Turkish population. Bansko is born place of Neofit Rilski and Paisii Hilendarski – famous leaders of the Bulgarian National – and Nikola Vaptsarov who is poet. Nowadays Bansko is a world well-known and famous winter resort. Wine Tourism The Republic of Bulgarian is not famous only with its beauty, but with its wines possessing high quality also. For our tourist introducing with the people, who really born the heavenly beverage with the name Wine, and at the same time to have a hearing for the real story of our country, are unbelievably and emotionally events. The Bulgarian wine is distinguished with its exceptional gustatory qualities. Served in a unique atmosphere of the Bulgarian wineries mixed with the Bulgarian traditions and customs, the Bulgarian wine melts our hearts and keeps unforgettable memories. A historical fact is: the first wine that has ever been made in Europe has been produced namely on the Bulgarian ground by the ancient Thracians, can you believe in VI century B.C. Тhe evidence is clear: the Temple of the Wine-God Dionysius in the antique Perperikon town founded in the Eastern Rodopha Mountain. The Thracian rulers have done meetings on which they have drunken wine and have had talks for past and future items and fights. The wine is connected with the character, mode and folklore of the Bulgarian people. The cut of the wine-bush and vineyard is the first celebrity of the wine as a beverage, which has been respecting through the centuries. This day is supposedly the 14-th of February in new style according the Gregorian calendar. The official day of the Ivaylovgrad town is on the same date. For more information all people who have name Trifon have a name day, because Trifon is the protector of the wine-handicrafts and vineyards. The funny spree of the Trifon’s Day is done with drinking big quantity of wine, implementing national folklore dancings and delivering emotional speeches for fertility through the current year. The other attractions for the tourists are the grape-gathering and the preparing of the harvest for fermentation. A coardial experience fulfill with great feelings is the ritual of the grape smashing by barefooted lasses in big wooden pots. Generally the tastes of the ready wine products are made in the wineries, where the liquid wine matures in oak-woods. Important thing is to exist direct and emotional relations with the wine-products and wine-surroundings. The wine-growers are able to sense people as individuals and to give them appropriate type of wine for drinking. They engage people’s mind, organs of sense and hearts, because they have ability to make good quality wine from one hand and to enjoy with great pleasure of love from the other. Transport Agency EUROTOURS offers transport services in the country and abroad: - Bus - The bus SETRA 215HDH, 45 + 1 +1 The bus was licensed and classified 3 * and offers: * Air conditioning system * Fridge * Mini-bar * DVD / CD, Radio * Two monitors * Adjustable seat * Self-lighting * WC

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