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The company offers: Construction and operation of SHPP; Construction of hydropower facilities; Construction of roads, tunnels and dams; Production of concrete, concrete products and aggregates; The company has its own concrete plant; Landdigger services its own machines; Any type of
AI PI ZET Construction and operation of SHPP Construction of hydropower facilities Construction of roads, tunnels and dams Production of concrete, concrete products and aggregates The company has its own concrete plant Landdigger services its own machines Any type of transport Woodwork and shaping of wood Any type of general construction Services Construction and operation of SHPP Production of concrete and concrete products The commpany offers complete research, design, consulting and construction of small and medium hydro power stations, we have highly qualified specialists in the field of water-energy construction of hydropower plants, research, design and complete construction of SHPP and others. The commpany has own concrete plant and it is specialized in manufacture and supply of concrete mixtures. The equipment allows for precise computerized control of concrete products. We offer our customers various kinds of concrete in class and strength, transport services, or concrete-mixer and concrete pump. Construction and construction services Construction and transport vehicles Construction company "AI-PI-ZET" performed any standing, vklyuyavashti research, design, excavation and dredging activities, rough construction, general construction, finishing works, plumbing and electrical systems. The company is also specialized in the construction of roads, tunnels and dams. Construction company "AI-PI-ZET" has all kinds of construction and transport, dredging and concrete vehicles appropriate tools, such as excavators, bulldozers, concrete mixers, pumps for pouring the concrete, asphalt-laying machines and equipment, trucks with different tonnage of transportation, breakers, light trucks and more. Wood and shaping Our company also deals with the manufacture and sale of dry pine and hardwood timber. In our modern material and storage facilities we have the necessary professional forestry and woodworking machinery. Wood is a natural building material for ecological construction and renovation work. For these purposes, the company offers shaped and processed wood such as boards, planks, shingles, paneling, flooring, window sills, moldings and all customized. AI PI ZET