The company Shansi is established in 1991 year and starts its activity with trade in industrial commodities. Ahead It steeled its attempts for fabrication activity. In 2001 for the cooperation of the homegrown municipal administration, the company fixes the breaking away of staff up it in a foreign country with goal specializes in the domain of fabrication of ware from polymermarble. The first years are difficult - providing the staples from the foreign country, making the material reference, the absorption to the new production. This new action has managed to see a workshop about fabrication of kitchen sinks for polymermarble of numerous efforts, labor and meanses and has preluded one of the first companies in Bulgaria subsequently. Start with production to standard kitchen sinks it introduces new models and other types of products by as thereupon increasing as well the quality of the produced product gradually. Fix with increasing the bulk of the work up or provide to most materials from a homegrown bulgarian company that develops great agreement and cooperate for progressing the company. For short time the bulgarian consumer gets to know the new ware frompolymermarble and his advantage. The company Shansi produces nearly 15 types of products with personnel by 20 employees and sells its commodity in close all cities in Bulgaria. The clients of the company are big article of furniture manufacturers and importers, as: - Aron - Sofia - Yavor - Pazarjik - Dipol - Nova Zagora - Evmolpia - Plovdiv - Paris-Smolian and a lot of others