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Rudi - An Ltd.

Rudi - An Single Member Ltd. was established in 1994 with the purpose of manifacture and trade of upholstered furniture. The manufacturing is realized with new modern machines, part of wich are robotized.
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Rudi - An Single Member Ltd.was established in 1994 with the purpose of manifacture and trade of upholstered furniture. Through the years we have strengthened our positions on the market with our own design and functionality of the manufactured furniture.   In March 2007 our production was moved in a new, modern factory, modern factory, which responds to all European criteria and requirements. This has lead to creation of better conditions for work, increasing of the quality and decreasing of the time for manufacturing.. modern machines, art of wich are robotized.. The timber, wich is invested in the articles, is being dried up and disinfested in a new type of drying ovens with a big quick-action. The new base gives greater posibilities for designing and manifacture of newer and newer models, wich respond the market demand and wich are specified by it.        Rudi - An           Our strenght is the combination of several indexes in the production commodities, and namely: reliability design functionality The extending mechanisms are 21 types and constantly newer and newer ones are being developed. As of the present moment we manufacture more than 100 models as design, with more than 300 articles. We have furnished more than 300 hotels, more than 250 places of public resort and thousands of homes. The great experience and the established organization give us opportunity to offer one изключително добър продукт exceptionally good product at competitive prices, but not at the expense of the quality.        Furniture Manufacture sofas Angular models Standard models Serial models Luxary Other furniture in our stores Bedrooms Departments Childrens Portmanteau Kitchens Tables and chairs Hotel Furniture Office Furniture Mattresses ECO BRIQUETTES