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Intro Decori

Intro Decori is a privately-owned company for manufacturing furniture. The company designs, constructs and installs non-standard and modular
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Intro Decori is a privately-owned company for manufacturing furniture. The company designs, constructs and installs non-standard and modular furnishing for hotels, shops, establishments and restaurants, public, office and administrative buildings. It works out complete interior solutions for the home and carries out individual customers’ projects. IntroDecori offers a wide range of upholstered furniture, furniture of aluminium, metal and glass. The company team of designers and engineers elaborates complete interior solutions for outdoor and indoor spaces in hotel complexes and works out projects. The company has a manufacturing base equipped with up-to-date professional machines for manufacturing corpus furniture.The materials put in are laminated panels, MDF, veneer, stainless steel, glass. The plate, the fixing elements and mechanisms correspond to the standards of ISO9001, class E1 and are high-quality products of leading European companies such as the Austrian BLUM and the German HETTICH and HAFFELE. The materials / and MDF/ are provided by SHELMAN - Greece, EGGER – Austria, THERMOPAL and KRONOSPAN. Services - Furniture manufacturing - Complete interior design - 3D Visualization - Transport and delivery - Furniture installment by a qualified company team - Installment of articles produced by other companies - Consultations with the customer about the interior /colour decisions, choice of flooring, materials and accessories/ - Fulfilment of customer’s projects - Furniture maintenance and reconstruction FURNISHING IntroDecori has long-time experience in the manufacture of furnishing for hotels, restaurants, shops, offices, as well as home furnishing. NightLife urnishing of restaurants, bars, discos, clubs, catering establishments. For those of you who don’t resort to the help of any architectural or interior consultants we can offer an adequate solution. Our team guarantees professional approach to any project, as well as excellent knowledge of the specific character of our furniture and modular components. We deal with making chairs, sofas, tables, bar tops, bar stools, refrigerator window displays, shelves and cupboards, built-in lighting, specific panels for veneering walls, decorative components, columns, parquet, flooring, skirting-boards, parapets, rails, etc. We can offer you assistance both in classical solutions and in fashionable styling. Bounce design and furnishing of sports shops – complete interior solutions, racks, window displays, shelves, hall-stands. Carrying out sports shops furnishing, we work with modern materials, characterized by high steadiness, modern vision and a focus on functionality. MDF, laminates, vinyls, inox, glass, plastics, etc. Contacting us you can order anything from laminated and vinyl floorings to stands for coat stands and lighting, comfortable minimalist sofas, stools, wall panels, boards, window displays, mirrors, cupboards, wardrobes, stands, rails and parapets, shelves, displays, as well as any types of modules, particularly needed in your shop. Regalia interior solutions and furnishing for boutiques and shops – design, window display decoration, lighting, shelves, tenders, cupboards, sofas, mirrors. No matter whether you own a chain of stores for jewels, luxurious perfumery and cosmetics or boutiques, IntroDecori is perfectly capable of flattering your refined customers. Solvent customers have a wide choice and can order wherever they want. Therefore, the way to gain their trust and turn them into your regular clients is to make them feel at ease especially under your attendance. The precise make, the high quality, the lighting, the exquisite appearance and luxurious atmosphere are a necessary prerequisite for the customer who is to make an expensive purchase. To create an atmosphere of elegance in shops it is important to use massive wood, veneer, glass and abundant detailed lighting, exquisite damasks and natural materials, which inspire the feeling of harmony, peace, high quality and comfort. Euro Box office furnishing. Desks, combined places of work, computer work stations, office cabinets, conference halls, reception desks. Modern business conditions presuppose concentration and optimization of working areas, as well as concentration of human resources - all of it achieved at reduced expenses and with the qualitative indications of constant change. At IntroDecori we know that business environment in this country and all over Europe will be getting increasingly dynamic and competitive. Our business offers cover modern materials such as пдч, MDF, aluminium, glass, etc. The basic modules that you can order are office desks - stand-alone and subsidiary – tables, cupboards, containers, additional pieces and attachments and other transition modules. Ambassador interior solutions for hotel furnishing – hotels, reception desks, lobby bars. We are ready to offer you complete interior solutions and particular elaborations for the functional rooms: design and manufacture of reception desks, bars, sofas, boxes, stools, tables, veneering of walls and columns. The materials we offer for your hotels create a feeling of comfort and prestige; besides, they possess the quality that ensures steadiness and convenient maintenance.For the high-class furnishing we offer massive wood, veneers, expensive damasks,leather, metal and glass of good quality. For the lower class we can optimize the price-to-quality correlation with modules of MDF, laminates, plastics and other modern materials. Milano high-quality furnishing of bedrooms, sitting-rooms, kitchens. Furniture made of massive wood, veneer, MDF. Engulfed by the stressful professional life of the city a modern man strives to find peace and quiet at home. Everybody at IntroDecori is well aware that second to the place of work we spend most of our time in the bedroom, the dining room and the kitchen. Contacts Office Address: 1303 Sofia Zona B-5, bl.11, entr.2 GSM: +359 889 810 410 E-mail: office@introdecori.com E-mail: introdecori_office@abv.bg Manufacturing Base Address: Sofia Voenna rampa, Iliyantsi blvd. GSM: +359 899 974 562 Trade Agency Address: Pomorie, 19 Tsar Osvoboditel blvd. GSM: +359 898 607 287