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“Time out – Design” Ltd

Online shop for furniture. Offers home furniture, office furniture, hotels and restaurants. Executes orders for complex equipment. We follow the leading trends in furniture design for the modern and dynamic life, home becomes more than a place for
Sofia, Sofia 1606 4, Sv. Ivan Rilski Street

About us In the modern and dynamic life, home is more than a place for living …discover the road to your home… with strictly individual style. Furniture house “Time out – Design” Ltd manifacture furniture since 1995, making everything individual and mostly with massive wood because of it`s natural expression (beech, oak, cherry, ash, walnut and pine array). We make professional projects for residental and public interiors, variety of styles, choice of materials and surface coatings: an array of different tree species, MDF and chipboard. High functional furniture systems, comfort as well, which gives you a new way of inhabitation. European manifacturing standart, eco materials. Projecting, designing, manifacturing, assembly and transport. Our “Time out – Design” Ltd furniture – aesthetics, combined with quality, functionality and comfort. We follow the best trends in furniture designing. Just a couple of services we can offer: Furniture manufacturing & design Interior design 3D projects Feng Shui Projects We offer you: The kitchen Because your lifestyle is dynamic and challenging. Every day is different day, interesting, funny, successful and very... Schick. The living room The living room is the space absorb most a communicative loading. It is a crossroads of different spirituality and crossing point of many energies that need to be harmonized right here. Therefore you need a perfect composition and design. The kids room You have to that te kids room is the whole house in your child's life. In short the kids room is obliged to combine the best conditions for learning, relaxation and sleep. The bedroom The bedroom is very personal, it inspires and relaxes. You want it for yourself and for someone else ... The vestibule