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Brain Storm Consult is a dynamic and flexible company, which covers the whole cycle of business services. The company offers a complete package of services including business, legal, financial and tax consultancy, management, accounting, auditing, analysis of risk and financial state of
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Brain Storm Consult Our vision Brain Storm Consult is a dynamic and flexible company, which covers the whole cycle of business services. The company offers a complete package of services including business, legal, financial and tax consultancy, management, accounting, auditing, analysis of risk and financial state of affairs, planning of business activities, expansion strategies, development business management software for small, medium size and large companies. The services and products of Brain Storm Consult are to help our clients in a dynamically changing business environment. The primary task is to provide fast, reliable and creative solutions. Our individual approach to each client ensures the development of business strategies tailored to the specific activities of the different company structures. Our team The human resource is our greatest asset. The success of Brain Storm Consult would be impossible without the dedication of our creative experts with strong practical, communication and technology knowledge and skills. Our team offers reliable, timely and clear decisions designed to support the successful realization of your business. Services Accounting We offer our clients: Current filing of incoming and outgoing primary documents; Preparation and submission on time of References-Statements and VAT journals electronically, preparation of INTRASTAT and VIES - declarations and submission in the NRA; Monitoring of the turnover for the compulsory VAT registration, preparation and registration; Tax protection and representation before the NRA in conducting audits onder CIT, VAT, PITA, cross-checks, checks by the Labour Inspectorate and others such; Fulfillment of statements and report for BNB in connection with the balance statistic of payments and external debt; Annual accounting finalization, preparation of annual tax statements and accounting reports and their submission to the NRA and NSI; Preparation of payment orders for taxes and fees; Complete and accurate information about the current accounting status, monthly monitoring of financial results; Preparation of reports for the liabilities and debts of the company; Development and maintenance of inventory books, tax and accounting depreciation schedule. Payroll and personnel Our clients receive the following services: Preparation of labor contracts, annexes and termination orders; Preparation of freelance contracts and paid amount accounts; Of­ficial employees records preparation and storage; Preparation and submission of notices under Article 62 of the Labor Code; Preparation of salaries payroll, personnel expenses, relations with the budget, pay-slips; Preparation and submission of declaration specimens 1, 5 and 6 in an electronic manner; Preparation of fi­les for salaries for cashless payment of salaries; Preparation and submission of mass payment orders, insurance and taxes due by the staff and the owners; At the customer's request, a visit to the servicing bank with a power of attorney; Preparation of retirement documents; Completion of employment record cards; Preparation of employees offi­cial notes and income certifi­cates; Processing and submission of documents for temporary disability, pregnancy and childbirth in NSSI Representation of companies before the NRA institutions in inspections regarding Income Tax, HE and SPI. Preparation of internal company documents: Trip orders, Job Descriptions, Rules of internal labor policy. Internal salary rules. Work shifts schedule; Mediation in labor medicine; Consultations and cooperation with hiring of personnel. Tax consultations and protection Compliance, awareness and application of the national tax legislation services Consultations and preparation of documents related to international taxation: Consulting and services related to social and health insurance Consultations and services related to conversion Assistance in tax inspections and tax protection Management and legal consultancy. Each company is facing strategic, operational, technological and other problems of managerial nature. Brain Storm Consult provides the resources and know-how to solve them. In this regard, our services cover the following areas: Management consultations Development of strategies for business development and planning - management development; merges and acquisitions; organizational design; financial planning and budgeting. Risk and financial state analysis, including: Analysis of cash flows Analysis of profit; Analysis of the balance sheet items; Analysis of the competitiveness of the company; Analysis of Human Resources; Preparation of a business plan; Consultations on strategic financing, including financial forecasting, modeling and assessments. Optimization of the operational activity - research and improvement of business processes, operational review and evaluation, cost management. Revealing of abuse of managers, accounting and materially responsible entities. Consultation services at deals (Due diligence): Financial and tax due diligence Due diligence performed by the vendor (Vendor due diligence); Assessment of management in the pre-investment and post investment period; Improvement of performance; Due diligence of IT; Final reports. Legal consultations: Our company carries out its legal activity through partners, performing all kinds of legal services of trading partnerships and citizens, including: Registration of companies, sole traders, non-profit organizations and others, as well as changes in circumstances; Drafting of contracts that protect the rights and interests of our clients: Legal assistance and advice in corporate, commercial, tax, labor, banking, currency and customs legislation; Protection in court and arbitration on cases concerning commercial and civil deals; Representation and assistance on privatization deals, concession procedures, public procurement awarding procedures; Advice on legal aspects of securities transactions; Preparation of franchise contracts; Conducting of real estate deals in favor of foreign citizens and companies; Making contacts with local and central government authorities. Auditing Services Brain Storm Consult offers a wide range of auditing services to meet your needs whole year round. Our extensive experience allows us to get to know your business in DETAIL, to identify and assess adequately the RISKS that threaten you, to discover the POSSIBILITIES that are offered to you by the economic situation in Bulgaria, Europe and the world. Our audit services include: Compulsory audit and review of annual ­Financial reports in compliance with the World Audit Standards (WAS); Special purpose audit (of certain items, reports, control and accounting systems, contractual terms); Risk assessment and management recommendations; Internal control review; Limited review of fi­nancial reports; Overview of agreed upon procedure reports and reports on various projects fi­nanced by special purpose funds; Inspections related to transformation of trading partnerships, chapter XVI from the Trade Law. Inspections of objects at the management/owners assessment; Forecast ­financial information Certifi­cation; Audit reports on projects funded by European Union programs; Contact us to introduce our offer and what information how we would be helpful. European projects services Accounting and administration of projects on EU programs Have you won financing from the European funds for the implementation of a project under the Operational Programs of the European Union? Do financial reporting and compliance with all requirements hinder you? We can be helpful with our experience in this field, assuming the implementation of financial – accounting project activity: Preparation of individual accounts, ledgers, recapitulations, payment orders for labor and civil contracts on the project; Preparation of summary lists for salaries, information on employer contributions under contracts of employment records on contributions paid on civil contracts as required by the specific operational program; Preparation of trip orders and reports; Compliance with the terms of payment and reporting under the budgetary framework; Ongoing monthly budget monitoring of the program in BGN and EUR; Maintenance of analytical reporting system of direct and indirect project expenses (by bank transfer, in cash, on various items of the budget); Preparation of interim financial statements and final financial statement with all necessary financial reports to it (as required by the contract); Compliance with the payment terms and reporting under the budgetary framework; Preparation of annual and interim financial statements in Bulgarian, English or another language. Activities are carried out according to the customer’s requirements and in compliance with the principles of confidentiality included in the contract signed with Brain Storm Consult Ltd. FAS Mirage FAS "Mirage" is an open system subject to improvement and development. Our computer specialists are ready to develop modules and references when requested by clients in order to satisfy their specifi­c requirements. On its fi­rst presentation at the Plovdiv Technical Fair in 1999, the ­Financial-Accounting Software MIRAGE won a gold medal. Financial & ­Accounting software MIRAGE is an integrated system, providing the overall functioning of financial and accounting activities in order to provide a complete, timely and detailed information for the management’s needs. The development logic of FAS MIRAGE is focused on the application universality - no restriction on the setting for any corporate purpose, structure and size of the company. Whether your business is in the sphere of services, trade or manufacture, you can achieve a full automation of the accounting process. FAS MIRAGE aims at a very wide range of users, through a unique system of pre-defi­ned automatic account allocation information. FAS MIRAGE is not designed for a wide range of users through its unique system of pre-defined accounting contours. The program can be operated even by non-accountants. ERP Kartell Kartell is an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ) class software application. The product complies with the modern style of management that requires full automation, optimization and processes control in the enterprise. Kartell works in real time, with full synchronization of data between remote workplaces, providing its single entry and storing in a database. Kartell gives an opportunity for defi­nition of individual user access rights and using each system functionality, depending on the employees job descriptions and activities in the company. ADVANTAGES Full coverage of all business processes in the enterprise; Getting timely, real information, contributing to the adequate and timely management decisions; Increasing labor productivity, efficiency and profitability; Extremely light and accessible user interface; Easy system adaptation to changes in the company – the genuinely mobile environment; Risk-free implementation at minimal cost; Permanent control over the activities performed by the employees; Work in real time on the Internet, enabling to obtain information about all processes from each place in the world; PDA link devices; When performing activities in several companies the system allows consolidation of the information on an automatic level. In that way, transactions between the entities within the group are eliminated; Automation of contracts for services.