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Vinprom Haskovo

Freedom, truth and love. The best way to feel the sensation of luxury and freedom is to drink a glass of original, aged wine.
Freedom, truth and love. The best way to feel the sensation of luxury and freedom is to drink a glass of original, aged wine. Enjoy the silence, the freedom, the warmth and love! Vinprom Haskovo offers to you high quality wines, prepared with lots of care and patience combined with old traditions; made of premium grapes that are typical for the climatic conditions of the Haskovo region, so that you could enjoy authentic wines, which are not dependent on time and fashion. Class and style. The tradition of the winemaking in Haskovo region dates back from more than 3000 years. An evidence for this are the ancient wine stones, which are situated at the foot of the Aida peak not far from Haskovo. These are round throughs used by the ancient Thracian for preparing their famous red wine that sold all around the world. Due to its wide raof high quality red wines Vinprom Chateau Aida Haskovo keeps this old tradition alive. Vinprom Haskovo more than 50 years it makes its reputations on the Bulgarian and international market as a producer of high quality wines and natural grape branndies. The name of the company is a guarantee for the quality and individuality of the wines satisfying even the most sophistiscated palates of the experts and consumers around the world. These premium wines have been awarded very prestige international trophies - from England, Belgium, Spain, USA, Portugal, Turkey, Hungary and Bulgaria. These products are a result of the combination between favourable climate conditions, high technological skills and old traditions. These are the Merlot wines with a controlled appellation of origin and from a declared geographical region. As a result of maturing in small oak barrels these are brilliante wines with a noble bouquet, soft and barmonious taste - remarkable and unforgettable wines! Vinprom Haskovo produces also high - alcohol drinks - the traditional for this region natural grape brandies, Matured and Muskat brandies, wine brandy and Mastic. Vinprom Haskovo is situated in Southern vine region of Bulgaria. Here the wine varieties cover 90% of the vineyards. The main grape variety cultivated here is Merlot, which is of agricultural importance for the region. The Merlot plants cover 60% of the vineyards. Here the climate conditions are the most favourable for the production of quality dry wine, temperate continental with the Mediterranean influence. The annual temperature sum is the highest one for Bulgaria - 3800 - 4200oC. Vinprom Haskovo has two cellars - in Haskovo and Stambolovo. They are provided with modern equipment including lines for receiving and processing of the incoming grapes, vinificators for the white and red wines, which allow controlling of the fermentation process, installation for wine stabilization, and vinimatics. The wines mature in American and European oak barrels. Over the last 2 - 3 years it was performed a general modernization of the technical equipment. The bottling line in Haskovo is high technological, fast and automatic. The planting and cultivation of own vineyards with the clssic grape varieties Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon is a part of the company's strategy. The geographical region has a template climate with a slight Mediterranean influence, the greatest of sunny days, wonderful sandy - clay soil - conditions, which are more favourable than these in the French regions specialized in growing of the Merlot variety. From this grape are produced theworldwide famous: - Merlot Sakar - Merlot Stambolovo - Merlot Haskovo - Merlot Special Reserve - Merlot Barrique - Merlot Eco Vinprom Haskovo produced: - Pamid - red wine - high quality white wines, produced on classical technology from the Muskat, Misket, Dimiat, Tamianka and Rikat grape varieties. High alcohol drinks - traditional for this region natural grape brandies, prodused by classic distillation of high quality wine materials. Haskovo Mastic - produced on classic technology, with a soft and specific taste and aroma.

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