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Sevko Trade Ltd manufactures high quality leather, uniform thickness of the leather, uniform batches, soft to the touch, and rich colors. Leather factory is the largest and most modern factory in the Balkans for the purchase and processing of pork and veal leather, located in the town
Sofia, Само за платени пакети

ABOUT US Sevko TRADE's leather factory in Bulgaria and its main activity is the purchase of hides, so that their perabotka and selling semifinished form (state wet blue) or finished. The company can process about 200 tons. skins month. Major share in the activities of the company occupies the processing of porcine and bovine skins able to wet blue, and drinking for clothing, footwear, haberdashery and trim, aniline and semianilinovata fodra, suede and izohastar (slit) form. The factory in Sevlievo is the largest and most modern factory for processing pork and veal skins in Bulgaria. Situated on the wide flat terrain of 50,100 square meters, the location of the enterprise Central Bulgaria is advantageous for its supply of raw hides from all the part of the terrain were built 26 production number and ancillary buildings. PRODUCTION has two workshops, one of which was built in 2000. and is equipped with modern and environmentally friendly machinery and equipment.