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Hiring a car from the middle class or luxury car can be a pleasant experience if you use the appropriate agency for car rental and if hired vehicles are in good condition as ours. We can offer really offers and high quality service.
Луксъри Карс 07 ЕООД

affordable prices & friendly service

About us :

Luxury Cars 07 Ltd. is a family-run car rental company. We strive to provide a friendly and high-quality rent-a-car service in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our cars are well cared for, in excellent technical conditions and have passed the necessary technical tests. Whether you need a small car, a town car or a van - be it for your stay in the city or for your vacation in the country or even abroad, we are going to offer you a great choice of affordable cars. All of our cars come with a full car insurance and a vignette (road tax sticker).

We could offer flexible pricing and we encourage you to contact us and request an offer if you have special requirements. We would do our best to accomodate your requirements at a price that would be acceptable for you.

With regard to the organization of work, it is advisable to make the reservation at least 6 hours before the car is hired.

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  • You get exactly the car you booked
  • You get the car at the airport itself or at your address.
  • Fast, accurate and clear document layout. (10-12 min)
  • No fees for out of office hours
  • Professional service and peaceful solving of possible problems
  • For regular clients have high discounts Second rent- 5%
  • Third, fourth and fifth- 10%
  • Sixth and each next - 15%


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