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Unifinance Broker (Unifinance)

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UNIFINANCE BROKER (UNIFINANCE) is a group of two companies established in 2009 with principal subject of activity - finance and insurance intermediation between financial institutions (banks and leasing companies) and insurance companies, on one hand, and companies and individuals seeking financial and insurance services, on the other hand. he principal activity of UNIFINANCE BROKER is the financial intermediation and of UNIFINANCE INSURANCE BROKER – insurance intermediation. The creation of such structure is prompted by the absence on the local market of sufficient similar universal approach in financial and insurance intermediation and absence of real partners of the financial institutions (banks and leasing companies) in the process of the marketing of their products. Plamen Minev - owner and managing director of the group UNIFINANCE UNIFINANCE has the ambitious task to lay the foundations of the European brokerage model in Bulgaria and to become an effective link between the financial institutions and the users of their products – companies and individuals. We are aware that as with any beginning this undertaking is a difficult and at the same time logic and feasible process. UNIFINANCE team believes that with the joint efforts of our partners and customers we shall be able to create a new value for all of us – customers, partners, UNIFINANCE and society as a whole. MISSION To create an universal broker company after European model with universal product approach to our customers turning ourselves in particular effective “bridge” between them and the financial and insurance institutions. PRINCIPLES - Expertise - Evaluation and prevention of risks - Quality and promptness - Transparency in relationships OBJECTIVES - Focusing on customers and their needs of financial and insurance products by offering them the most appropriate solutions of their business. - Effective partner performing functions not typical to the financial and insurance institutions and preventing their future risks. - Bringing the products and services closer to the customers by geographic expansion and setting up offices in the big cities of the country. FINANCIAL INTERMEDIATION - Analysis of customer’s needs - Information on credit and leasing market - Consultancy on selection of financing institutions - Financial and operation leasing - Bank loans – for companies and individuals - Consultancy on loans and leasing restructuring - Bank products - Logistics and administration of transactions - Other financial consultancy INSURANCE INTERMEDIATION Products - Motor vehicle insurance - Property insurance - Tourist and personal insurance - Liability insurance - Transport insurance - Financial risk insurance - Life insurance Services - Analysis of customer’s needs - Study and analysis of insurance market - Professional consultancy on selection of suitable insurer and insurance product, preparation of individual offers - Monitoring and timely advising of installments and due dates under insurance contracts - Administration of claims in case of occurred insured events - Consultancy