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Givis Ltd.

Givis Ltd was established in 2004 as a successor to Pongo and Bengy Ltd – a leading producer of canned petfood. In 2007 we build a new factory – for production of fresh and frozen chicken meat and semi-ready poultry products. We entered the poultry market for and since then we constantly expand and diverse the production. We are proud to have very good experience in petfood branch. In our modern factory in Sofia and we produce over 20 different types canned food for cats and dogs. Product chicken - Whole chicken - Chicken wings - Chicken inner fillet - Chicken Legs - Chicken drum steak - Chicken leg meat - Upper leg - Chicken Fillet - skirt steak - Chicken upper back Preparations - Flavoured wings - Flavored chicken inner fillet - Flavored ham steak - Chicken inner fillet with cornflakes - Chicken inner fillet with sesam - Marinated chicken steak meat with savory - Flavored chicken leg meat - Fried chicken bites - Breasts Marinated Steak - Fried chicken fillet with yellow cheese - Flavored fillet - Flavoured chicken fillet skewer - Flavored chicken drumstick - Fried chicken wings - Chicken minced meat Dogs food - Say - canned dog food - Delicious - chicken and vegetables canned petfood - Jerry canned petfood - Pongo canned dog food - Chomi - canned dog food - Friends - canned pet food - Chicken sub-products in jelly canned petfood - Jellied chicken heads - canned petfood - Jellied chicken feet - canned petfood - Delicious - chicken and vegetables canned petfood - Delicious - chicken and liver canned petfood - Jerry canned petfoodPongo canned dog food Cats food - Bendgy mix - canned cat food - Bendgy liver - canned cat food - Bendgy chicken - canned cat food Our logistic network guaranties always fresh and high quality products to our clients: supermarkets, fast food chains, restaurants and many more others. No matter if it’s about chicken meat or petfood, we are equally responsible to the quality of the products and in the good manners to our partners.