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Bulles Group Ltd - your honest and reliable supplier of some of the cheapest sources of energy for heating - ecobriquettes and pellets. Bulles Group is an official representative for Bulgaria of the Austrian producer of high quality sawn wood ‘Schweighofer’ Group. The company is among
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Bulles Group Ltd. Bulles Group Ltd - your honest and reliable supplier of some of the cheapest sources of energy for heating - ecobriquettes and pellets. About Us Bulles Group is an official representative for Bulgaria of the Austrian producer of high quality sawn wood Schweighofer Group. Schweighofer Group is among Europe's leading producers of ecobriquettes and wooden pellets - these clean energy sources. The company applies the most stringent quality standards for each produced package of briquettes and pellets. It is continuously improving the quality and it makes great efforts to develop technology to produce eco-briquettes and wooden pellets for heating, which enjoys great customer confidence. The company's efforts over the years have focused on providing a higher temperature of heating and reducing the amount of ash. Schweighofer group's success is due to the correct approach in determining the quality of the timber and the way of processing different timber. By heating with pellets and briquettes are used renewable sources of energy, which corresponds to the main goals of the EU in the energy field. They are much cheaper source of energy compared to heating oil and natural gas. Raw material for production of pellets and briquettes is obtained by the different sawn processes by planting the timber, by production of wood-floor, furniture and other wood products, and by barking the logs. Pellets are produced also from particular spices of willow plants. Our pellets are made from wood, planted in the forests of the Czech Republic and Romania. Wood pellets and briquettes are carbon neutral fuel and that is recognized by the Kyoto Protocol and by the Bureau of renewable energy sources in the United States. The reason is that all the CO2 above the ground is released through decomposition or combustion. In other words, the burning of wooden pellets in modern pellet boilers is cleaner than the organic decomposition of trees in the forest, which is released in significant amounts of methane, about 25 times more, thus increasing the carbon dioxide emitted and the threat of global warming. Wood Pellets for heating The pellets are cylindrical in shape with size 6 mm in diameter and 30 mm in length. The wooden pellets are ecological and very perspective fuel that is used to create heat. The use of boilers and stoves for heating with pellets is a viable alternative to what we know heating. Pellets produced from Schweighofer group, are with high quality and efficiency. They have been tested in an international recognized, accredited and certified laboratory standard DINplus 7A040. This is evidence of a high calorific value, low ash content and seamless use of pellet heating systems. Heating with pellets offers several advantages over conventional fossil fuels for heating. High calorific Low ash content Comfort The calorific value of wooden pellets is 4300 - 5100 kcal / kg. Coefficient of Performance (COP) for heating systems is 85% - 95% (efficiency of wood-burning fireplaces is 70%) due to its qualities, the pellets burn almost completely. The time between two successive loads of fire is between two and five days. Big advantage of wooden pellets is low ash content after incineration in boilers or pellet fireplaces and stoves. Of importance is the possibility of using the ash as fertilizer in the garden where the soil recovers its balance. By burning the wooden pellets do not emit black smoke, making them ideal for fireplaces with glass opening. The use of pellets provides comfort comparable to the heating of gas due to the almost total combustion (around 98.5%), besides boilers and stoves for heating with pellets produce almost no creosote. Low price Automation Ecological One ton of wooden pellets has the heat value of 6 cubic meters of timber and fits easily in one third the space! This makes it possible to easily store them for the entire season. An important factor is the relative stability of the price of pellets compared to the prices of fossil energy sources. The pellets can burn as in ordinary stoves and fireplaces for solid fuel and in special pellet boilers with high efficiency and high degree of automation, almost the same as the one for boilers, gas and electricity. Pellet boilers alone dose the necessary quantity of pellets for burning. Of great importance is reducing dependence on oil, natural gas and propane - all non-renewable fossil fuels used for heating. Pellets are a renewable fuel and it derives from sustainable sources - pure pulp. Replacement of fossil fuels like oil, natural gas or propane for heating with pellets reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Eco-briquettes Tubular eco-briquettes are environmentally friendly solid fuel made from natural wooden chips. They are produced under high pressure without using binders. They are suitable for heating homes, houses, offices, etc., can be burned in all devices for solid fuel as ordinary fireplaces and stoves, boilers, open hearths. Using of eco-briquettes provides more warmth and comfort. Eco briquettes are used as fuel alone, and in combination with wood / especially if damp or wet /. Compared with fossil fuels wooden eco briquettes produce less greenhouse gases, as the materials used are already part of the carbon cycle. Production of eco-briquettes provides use of wood waste, and this contributes to less air pollution and environmental protection Produced by Schweighofer group eco-briquettes are known by the following characteristics: High calorific value - 4800-5900 kcal. The emitted heat from one tone is equal to approximately 5-6 cubic meters of firewood. Compact - use of small warehouses Convenient sizes - sacks of 10 kg. Lack of black dirt known by black coal. Small ash amount - 1% (useful fertilizer for the garden). Insignificant air emissions - sulfur 0.03% Extremely low humidity - 6-9%. Tubular eco-briquettes Square briquettes Tubular eco-briquettes have a smooth cylindrical outer surface and a hole. Square eco-briquettes are very convenient for sorting, storing and packing. Timber Boards Planks Beams Laths Cladding Floorboards Wooden panels and others Bulles Group Ltd is an official representative of one of the most renowned manufacturers in Europe – the Austrian company Schweighofer group which has over 360 years of experience in wood processing. The company offers high-quality, durable and practical timber to its clients across the world, introduces cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions, and implements strict traceability and optimisation of its production processes. Bulles Group has a modern timber warehouse in Sofia, as well as a carpentry workshop fitted with the requisite professional woodworking machines and operated by qualified workers. Here you can find a large selection of quality wood, dry timber, and processed timber (boards, beams, planks, laths, cladding, etc). We have a large fleet of lorries and hoisting equipment. We work in compliance with construction regulations, always meet our deadlines, and precisely satisfy a wide range of our clients’ requirements. We take orders for pre-sized timber and for non-standard sizes according to the client’s requirements. Contacts Office Sofia Boyana warehouse Suhodol Warehouse zhk Lozenets Zhilishtna grupa Yuzhen park bl.110 Tel: +3592-417-56-99 Fax: +3592-416-37-95 Mob: +359-884-352-267 Mob: +359-899-818-113 sales@bullesstroy.com Sofia Okolovrasten pat №67 between Boyana and Dragalevci Fax: +3592-868-41-57 Mob: +359-888-218-534; Mob: +359-888-943-624 e-mail: bulles@abv.bg Sofia kv. 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