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Gama Comerce Ltd.

Gotse Delchev, Mosomishte, Industrialna zona

„Gama Comerce” Ltd.is a private company that produces hygienic and ecologically clean products - toilet paper, napkins и household towels. It is established in 1995, has great production capacities and is one of the leading firms in its field. „Gama Comerce” Ltd. offers: - A great variety of different products; - Wide range of commodities; - High-quality at good prices; - High-quality service; Its products are well-known and exist in the Bulgarian trade market also thanks to the well organized distributing net. Gama Comerce also accepts orders from hotels and public orders. Our old traditions, professional experience and high quality make the product of trade-mark„GAMA”more marketable for millions of cutomers and families all over country. s a result of production's high quality and company's propriety it has concluded agreements with trade marks such as "Clever" - part of the trade mark Billa and "Optima" - part of Maxima. It has a long-lived collaboration with big trading chains: Billa - Bulgaria, Kaufland - Bulgaria, Maxima - Bulgaria and Promarket. Products Toilet paper - Classic - Maxi Plus - Maxi - Economic - Clever - Clever 12 - Delux 8 - Delux 10 - Lux - Delux Plus - Delux Plus Plus - Classic Lux - Maxi Lux Napkins - Napkins 50 - Napkins 80 - Napkins 100 - Napkins 100 - CLEVER Kitchen towels