Iagodovo (Region Plovdiv)
KMK-R Ltd. is a European manufacturer of luxury packaging.

Kintrade Ltd was found in 1996 and since then the company import polyethylene from Arpechim, HIP, Chemopetrol, TVK. Since 1998 the company offer to the Bulgarian market polyethylene foam foils. In 2004 was built the new factory of

Paper and board trading and converting.The primary grades of paper traded by the company include:

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Mira company was established in 1990 in Kiustendil. The main activity of the company is the production of machines for the paper industry and paper consumatives, including the production of all kinds of tapes for cash machines, ATM/cash

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Varna paper Exchange Ltd is one of the oldest private companies in Bulgaria dealing with supply and distribution of paper and consumables for the printing industry.

ЕТ ”Мавро - Христо Мавродиев” работи на българския пазар от 1997 г. Предмет на дейност на фирмата е внос и търговия на канцелар

Scientific and information servicing of the pulp and paper industry. Perform testing of cellulose, paper, cardboard. Produces adhesives for labels and packaging, phyto-preparations, advertising materials.

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