Leshtensko (Region Burgas)
Hotel complex "Laguna" - Lozenetz has a restaurant and a one-family domestic hotel. The hotel is a 3 Star category and is panoramic situated on the Black sea coast. The hotel part of the complex is brand new and started work at the beginning of the summer 2007. We have 14 rooms, 2

Delchevo (Region Blagoevgrad)
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The Ganovi Family house is situated almost in the center of Kalofer. It consists of two apartments. each has a private bathroom, with toilet, kitchenette and minibar. There is also a comfortable sofa. Also available is a TV, internet and local heating. The house has a balcony. The

Flamingo is Plovdiv’s newest hotel, located in a peaceful and modern neighbourhood. Just a walking distance from the greenest and most picturesque part of town – the Rowing channel park and a short drive of 10 minutes to the busy city centre, full of ancient roman ruins and a great

How to get there from Sofia or any other location? First you have to get to Bourgas Central Station. You can do this in several ways: Get a bus from Sofia Central Bus Station which passes through Bourgas. If they go south those

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When you go on the road with the kids , you always worried . How and where you will stay ? whether to choose some of the so-called " family hotels " ? Will there be enough good conditions to your family feel better? Days of relaxation are always a few - if you expect a break or trouble ? To make sure , prepare for your next trip with our help !

On business.bg welcomes preliminary selection of hotels. except description of the basis and conditions they offer, you will read about additional services, kitchen and leisure opportunities large and small. significant proportion the presented profiles of family hotels are enriched with interesting photos give a good idea where you are going and what you can expect. We have included links to websites and contact telephone number . Take advantage of them! Ask about everything that interests you. Summarize your requirements . Refine prices and book . Quick, easy, convenient. Visit us again!

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