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What is BUSINESS.bg?

BUSINESS.bg is a business directory, which present a large part of Bulgarian companies, divided into more than 1000 branches and 6000 keywords, according to their objects.
BUSINESS.bg full analogue business catalogs printed on the information which can be found. However, the fact that BUSINESS.bg is an electronic version of the catalog business, allows him to have many advantages over printed catalogs:
  • In BUSINESS.bg information can be structured in different criteria chosen by you, printed catalogs in the business are usually arranged alphabetically or by industry;
  • In BUSINESS.bg may be held upon words describing the activity or company name, in print and this is impossible;
  • In BUSINESS.bg information can be changed at any time - so she is always up to date, while still aging printed catalogs with its publication. Every month, more than 100 Bulgarian companies change their address or other data BUSINESS.bg.
  • BUSINESS.bg In every company can be represented not only address data and a brief description, as in the printed catalogs, but with full description of activities, as well as photographs, drawings, charts and tables

How is organized BUSINESS.bg?

Companies are included in BUSINESS. distributed in over 1000 branches and 6000 keywords, according to their objects.
key element in the distribution of industries is that they are distributed by type of industry rather than by type of consumption. For example, flooring industry can be found in the logging industry, not the construction industry.
Main sectors you can see a menu divided into "industry index" on the left, they are divided into sub-sectors.
Companies are divided into main and sub-sectors according to their activity. One company may be present in several industry to be more accurately distributed her work
By keywords can be reached by selecting the menu point index. Keywords are distributed letters that begin and are in alphabetical order.

How do I find information that interested?

Until you are interested you can access information as crawl through the branches and Keywords, and by system to search the site.
When you select a keyword or industry you see a list of companies included in them, it is sufficient to select the industry or keyword, in which the present work, product or service you are interested .
BUSINESS.bg an electronic catalog that makes it possible to use automated search tools. If you have difficulty finding a business, product or service through sectoral and index, you can use the search system on the site.
For this purpose write what you want in search box, the top menu on the left and it will open all industries and keywords that match your search, and companies that sought to include your name, your keywords and description of your deystnostta. For example, a confectionary company can be searched except by name and with words such as: pastries, cakes, confectionery etc.

Companies in the catalog are the maximum detail: with address data, phone, e-mail and a description of the activity. Many of them have photos, diagrams, charts and tables relating to their activities and products.

Can I add my company in BUSINESS.bg?

You! For this purpose it is necessary to register online and then select " Add / Edit Company "from the menu above. To include your company follow the instructions in different sections.
For more information, see: List your company in the catalog?

What will it cost included in BUSINESS.bg?

various types included in this website are allocated on an annual subscription packages as follows:
Free registration, promo package - 55 BGN Mini pack - 95 BGN Standard package - 140 EUR, Premium package - 220 BGN Product mini package - 200 BGN Product - 280 BGN Product premium package - 550 lv
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