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How to turn your company for free BUSINESS.bg?

Presentations in BUSINESS.bg are divided into different packages of options to choose from. Smallest package is free and despite its limitations is suitable for small businesses and representatives of the professions. If you use a free package, you can enter your company name, address data and a brief description of the activity. In different sectors and search free packages are arranged after paid, usually in second or third page.
If you want to join for free in BUSINESS.bg need to register on the site - select "Register" from the menu above. Then select Add / Edit firm from the same menu. Follow instructions carefully in each section and fill in the fields closely.

What are the benefits of paid packages?

Packages are paid annual subscription of 75 lv to 550 lv without VAT depending on options chosen. Due to reasons described below and for more information izchepatelnata, and high attractiveness paid packages are visited several times to several tens of times more free compared to the same activity has presented companies.
Characteristic of all paid packages that include link to your site, a variable number of images (photos, drawings, diagrams, etc..) Contain a logo Company you, tables, offered by your products and others. Also a little image of typical product, a description of my short search in industry and keywords. Paid packages contain additional keywords, which search the catalog are ranked higher places to free. The sections by industry and keyword sets are tiers in descending order, first are the most expensive packages are the latest freebies.

What is the difference between paid envelopes?

Paid packages are divided into two main types - corporate and product. Corporate packages are suitable for thorough presentation of the company. In addition to product packages the company is present and individual products. The difference between product and corporate packages are mainly expressed in the types and number of possible elements - images, tables, logo, products and more. - For more information on individual packages, click here. All paid packages than the Bulgarian version contain English version.

How to turn your company with paid envelope BUSINESS.bg?

You can enter your company with a free package and then buy Paid by following the instructions under "Add / Edit Company" from the menu above. You can also send us an e-mail: office@business.bg , with your name and phone number if you want to advise you which package is the suited for you and produce your presentation BUSINESS.bg you.
Consultations and workmanship are completely free.

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