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Dental clinic "Harizma" Clinic of dental medicine "Harisma" - Dr. Misova, Dr. Gyuleva, Dr. Gyulev, Dr. Stoev, Dr. Sbirkova and Dr. Urumova, offers: Cosmetic Dentistry, Periodontology, Implantology, Orthodontic treatment. Services Orthodontic treatment For the first time in Bulgaria, we offer the most aesthetic American system for arrangement of teeth and treatment of dental and jaw deformities - INVISALIGN. We can boast with specialization in the U.S. and eight years of experience with the system Invizalayn. We pay annual visit to the Annual Congress of Invisalign in the USA. Treatment with conventional braces - Alexander system (U.S. specialization, with prof. Alexander) lingual plates, functional devices. Services Cosmetic dentistry •Permanent teeth whitening - American system OPALESCENCE •Metal-ceramic constructions •Pure ceramic •Zirconium Implantology •the American system BICON Services Periodontology •treatment of periodontitis •covering of the exposure of the tooth root (recessions) •treatment of bone defects •extension of the crown of the tooth (for deep rupture or fracture of the tooth) •periodontologic preparation for prosthetics Dr. Gyuleva, Dr. Gyulev and Dr. Misova are one of the founders of the Bulgarian Society of Periodontology and Oral Implantology in 2001. Patient 1 The patient has a cluster of teeth in both jaws, the midline of the upper jaw is shifted towards the midline of the face, canine teeth are completely out of line, cross bite in the first molars on the right, lower jaw is behind in growth (II class tooth-jaw ratios by Engl) Before After Patient 2 Before After Patient 3 Before After Dental clinic "Harizma"
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