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The main business of FLORA DESIGN Ltd is to plan, develop, maintain and renovate park areas, and to install underground irrigation systems. The company also trades, produces and imports planting materials from decorative trees and bushes, seasonal flowers, grass mixtures, peat substrate, working plantpots. The company was set up and is being managed by expert landscape architects: Landscape Architect Ralitsa Stoyanova Tankova Landscape Architect Angel Dimitrov Bogdanov GARDEN CENTER FLORA DESIGN offers its clients a wide range of products, namely: Decorative bushes, coniferous and deciduous trees, large-sized plants, water plants and working plantpots. A great variety of underwater fountain pumps and accessories for garden lakes and fountains. Grass mixtures, ryegrass, fertilizers and preparations. Peat – bales of 4 cubic meters each, peat mixtures in different package sizes. Retail and wholesale. продукти decorative evergreen bushes coniferous trees deciduous trees large-sized plant AQUATIC PLANTS Not only in the Ropotamo Reserve can you enjoy the beautiful blossoms of the water lilies. Here, at our place, you will not be able to take your eyes off the incredible snow-white, deep yellow, orange and pink-turning-into-dark-red water lily blossoms perching on luscious bright green leaves. The good news is that you may possess a water lily; you may make your decorative water area, lake or fountain unique and colourful with plenty of blossoms The water lilies need sunlight. They blossom all summer: starting from June until the end of September. They can be grown in plantpots or directly planted into the soil at the bottom of the water area. The water depth should be 60 to 80 cm, and our climatic conditions are considered appropriate so that they can stay there in the winter. WORKING PLANTPOTS Size Unit price / lv. 9/9/9 cm 0,13 10/10/10 cm  0,20 1,5  liters – 15 cm 0,25 2     liters - 17 cm 0,30 3     liters - 19 cm 0,35 4     liters - 21 cm 0,60  5     liters - 23 cm  0,70 7,5  liters – 26 cm 1,30 16   liters 2,30 22   liters 2,90 50 liters with handles 7,50 70 liters with handles 13,00 DECORATIVE NURSERY In the nursery of FLORA DESIGN you can always find: РАЗСАДИ ЗА ДООТГЛЕЖДАНЕ PLANTING MATERIALS FOR FURTHER GROWING PLANTING MATERIALS FOR SEASONAL FLOWERS DECIDUOUS TREES CONIFEROUS TREES DECORATIVE BUSHES GROWN UP IN CONTAINERS PLANTING MATERIALS FOR FURTHER GROWING FLORA DESIGN offers a broad range of planting materials for further growing of coniferous and deciduous trees and bushes. We sell them in working plantpots, size 9/9/9 cm, 10/10/10 cm, a plantpot of 2 and 3 liters. Here is part of the species we grow: Thuja occ. "Smaragd" Thuja occ. "Maloniana" Thuja occ. "Woodwardii" Thuja occ. "Golden Globe" Thuja occ."Juniperoides" Thuja occ. "Europa Golg" Thuja occ. "Maloniana Aurea" Thuja occ. "Danica" Thuja occ. "Brabant" Thuja occ. "Plicata Atrovierens" Thuja occ. "Fastigiata" Thuja occ. "Columna" Juniperus comm. "Hibernica" Juniperus scop. "Skyrocket" Juniperus scop. "Blue Arrow" Juniperus scop. "Spartan" Chamaecyparis laws. "Columnaris" Chamaecyparis laws. "Pelt's Blue" Chamaecyparis laws. "Stardast" as well as many others … for further information, please dial +359889510190 PLANTING MATERIALS FOR SEASONAL FLOWERS Summer seasonal flowers – species with beautiful blossoms and decorative non-blossoming ones: -sidewalk flowers - Petunia Express, Petunia Fantasy, Petunia DB Pirouette, Begonia Super Olimpia, Begonia Tuberosa Nonstop, Begonia Devil, Impatiens New Guinea Hybriden and others. - cascade flowers for terraces and balconies - Petunia hibrida "Surfinia", Petunia Wave, Begonia Tuberosa Illumination, Begonia Tuberosa Super Cascade, Pelargonium peltatum and many others. - pinnate flowers used for forming flower figures and beds - Coleus Wizard ,Iresine lindeni; Flowers blossoming in the summer and in the spring: - Viola Delta F1, Viola Colossus, Viola Endurio, Bellis perennis Planet; DECIDUOUS TREES We offer a great variety of deciduous species: Acer platanoides "Globosum" Acer platanoides "Crimson King" Acer negundo "Flamingo" Betula pendula Betula pendula "Purpurea" Betula pendula "Youngii" Platanus orientalis Platanus x acerifolia Robinia pseudoacacia "Umbraculifera" Catalpa bignonioides "Nana" Salix caprea "Pendula" Salix integra "Pendula" Salix purpurea "Pendula" Tilia argentea Tilia cordata And many other species…. CONIFEROUS TREES We offer a great variety of coniferous species. Here are some of them: Juniperus comm. "Hibernica" Juniperus scop. "Blue Arrow" Juniperus scop. "Scyrocket" Juniperus scop. "Spartan" Chamaecyparis laws. "Columnaris" Chamaecyparis laws. "Stardast" Chamaecyparis laws. "Globus" Thuja occ. "Smaragd" Thuja occ. "Columna" Thuja occ. "Fastigiata" Thuja occ. "Golden Globe" Thuja occ. "Woodwardii" Thuja occ. "Danica" Thuja occ. "Kobold" Thuja orientalis "Aurea Nana" Thuja orientalis Pyramidalis Aurea" And many other species…. DECORATVE BUSHES We offer wide variety of decorative bushes. SERVICES PLANNING Landscape architecture and design DRAWING UP AND COORDINATING LANDSCAPE PROJECTS DEVELOPMENT Accomplishing and mechanizing activities about the realization of planned sites, transport and planting. Plant material, large-sized coniferous and deciduous trees. Decorative evergreen bushes and blossoming ones. MAINTENANCE FLORA DESIGN Ltd will keep your garden always perfect! AUTOMATED IRRIGATION SYSTEMS PLANNING DRAWING UP AND COORDINATING LANDSCAPE PROJECTS It is compulsory that all architecture projects submitted to the Municipality of Plovdiv should be attached to a coordinated landscape project. The submitted projects contain: - a master plan - a preliminary dendrology project - a planting project - an explanatory note - a fully quantity account of materials - a dendrology payroll Additional drawings: - coverings - a trace project - details, sections, prospects DEVELOPMENT FLORA DESIGN Ltd has the necessary technical equipment and materials to implement the automated activities about sites developing, decorative trees planting and transport. We have a great variety of plant material, large-sized coniferous and deciduous trees, decorative evergreen bushes and blossoming ones. MAINTENANCE FLORA DESIGN Ltd has established a team of specialists who make your garden look perfect every day because even the best idea can be spoiled if the necessary care is not being taken. IRRIGATION SYSTEMS FLORA DESIGN provides: Automated irrigation systems – design and installation of underground irrigation systems and drop irrigation. You can rely on our team of professionals for the entire installation of Your irrigation system. Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. Our team will answer You and will give You an advice; we are going to recommend You the best and the most proven products. REALIZED PROJECTS - Hotel and office landscaping: "Seven Hills" Hotel – the city of Plovdiv "Zamaka Orfei" Hotel – the village of Kuklen "Aquatonik" Spa Hotel – the city of Velingrad - Production bases and showrooms Automobile expo for trucks "Agri-M" "Kamenitza" Brewery "Bittel" – audio and video technologies and air-conditioning systems "Master Profiles" "Filkab" JSC "Proslav" Power Substation "Bulgartabac Holding" – the city of Plovdiv "Apex Service" Meat Processing Enterprise – D. Madzharov "Todoroff" Wine Cellar A Company established as per the Obligations and Contracts Act "Ecological Factory Consortium" "Weiss Profil" Ltd "Nova Print" JSC "Steelmet" JSC "Techno Aktas" JSC - Public kindergartens and medical institutions: "Sever" Bus Station MBAL "St. Paneteleimon" "Albena" Kindergarten Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski" - Many restaurants, cafes - Plots for villas, private yards - Parks: "Elba" Park – "Iztochen" Residential Area, the city of Plovdiv - Street landscaping with large-sized deciduous and coniferous trees - The Company also works on "Beautiful Bulgaria" projects MORE SPECIALTIES FLORA DESIGN also provides: SNOW CLEANING AUTOMATED UPROOTING DELIVERY AND PLANT OF LARGE-SIZED VEGETATION SNOW CLEANING FLORA DESIGNalso offers its clients the snow cleaning service LARGE- SIZED TREES AUTOMATED UPROOTING OF LARGE- SIZED TREES We can turn our bravest plans into reality due to the technical equipment we have. Contact us Landscape Architect Ralitsa Tankova – +359 889510190 Landscape Architect Angel Bogdanov – +359 888602449 fax: 032/ 242 801   Plovdiv Golyamokonarsko Shosse - /on the way out to Sofia/ Working hours: Monday-Saturday : from 8.00 to 18.00 hours Sunday : from 8.00 to 17.30 hours
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