Dairy - Sarnitsa was opened in the summer of 2013. Now is relatively new, compact and convenient. We are combining traditional and classic technology with modernized technological equipment manufacture quality and environmentally friendly dairy products- cheese, butter and cottage cheese

The dairy was established in 1992 but in 2006 the new factory started working suitable to the new requirement of the new associated contract with the European Union and the operated then regulations 35 and 36; 852 and 853 of the EU.

Bor-Chvor has more than 21 years experience in milk procesing and has saved the best traditions of cheese making in the Rodopa Region. The Dairy Farm is situated in the outskirts of the Rodopa Mountain and is equipped entirely with new and modern machinery for intake, processing of milk,

Hursovo (Region Blagoevgrad)
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HADJIISKI AND FAMILY LTD. was founded in 1991. The dairy plant is located in a picturesque country on the bank of Ogosta River by the village of Gradeshnitsa, Vratsa Region. HADJIISKI AND FAMILY has been a leader in the production and trade of dairy products and cheese in Bulgaria for

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The company is engaged in the production of milk and dairy products. From 2000 until nowadays, the company has been successfully developing, increasing the number of its employees to fifty. The "Rodopeya" branded production has been well known and sought both in the region and across

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Lactina Ltd. is a biotech company located in Bankya-Sofia, Bulgaria. The economic activity of our company is focused on development and production of a new generation biologically active products: probiotics for humans and animals; single strain cultures for food and drink additives;

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