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Glass design

interior solutions and art glass
Sofia, zh.k."Manastirski livadi" bl.66 /vhod zad H-l Festa/

Glass Design offers glass art works by Verginia Veltcheva. Verginia Veltcheva was born 1963 in Sofia. She has a Master degree in Law from Sofia University.After spending 10 jears in politics (member of parliament, legal adviser of the President etc.), she is convinced to look for her real place in different fields. A turning point in her life is year 2000 when she gives birth to her son Boyan. Then she decides to fulfill one of her dreams - to create beauty. She chooses glass to express herself. After a long preparation, a lot of books read by her, continnous surfing in the net, a careful study of the experience of the famous master in this fields and a very short practical training in wear 2007 appears Glass Design an her first collection - summer 2007. The designer works with flat glass (mainly float and special fusible glass) fused and slumped through high temperature heating in a special infrared kiln. The kiln is one a kind in its range in Bulgaria and gives the opportunity to create unique units with dimensions up to 88 by 105 cm. Different kinds of metal folio and wire are also used (aluminium, copper, silver, gold, brass etc.) as well as special food safety unleaded paints and enamels together with all inovations in the field of technological effects, introduced by the world manifacturers. Glass Design is the only company in Bulgaria which offers handpainted insulating glass units with an individual design.