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Metalstroi Stoianov & Georgiev Ltd.

Metalstroi Stoianov & Georgiev Ltd. is a company, specialized in create a design and building of metal constructions, suitable for industrial, commercial and administrative buildings. The manufacturing of the metal constructions begins with their project
Metalstroi Stoianov & Georgiev Ltd. is a company, specialized in create a design and building of metal constructions, suitable for industrial, commercial and administrative buildings.The manufacturing of the metal constructions egins with their project. We make it with the proved professional designers eng. Nedko Nedev and eng. Plamen Boyanov – Veliko Tarnovo.t is taken into account the specifics of the terrain, the clients’ requirements and the parameters of the object. This is a base for the project. After the calculation of the costs, the project is discussed and coordinated with the client. The company’s basic rule is that THE QUALITY DETERMINES THE SALES! After an arrangement between the sides for objects’ building of metal constructions, the project has worked out. The interest and requirements of the client are most important. They are guaranteed by the introduced into the company system for quality. he company is certificated by EN ISO 9001 – 2008.Metalstroi Stoianov & Georgiev Ltd. is a member of The chamber of the builders in Bulgaria and it is entered on the Central Professional Register of the builder. The company builds objects of metal constructions by client’s projects or based on its own designs.The mission of our company is to maintain an excellent quality, precise execution and the permanent guarantee for each manufactured and assembled by us component, detail or equipment. MANUFACTURE OF METAL CONSTRUCTIONS Metalstroi Stoianov & Georgiev Ltd. employs some of the most competent assemblers, construction’s and technological team for design and development, groups of peoples with different professions necessary for execution of the company’s orders. The elements of the metal constructions are manufactured in the company’s workshop. The company has the necessary for this equipment and teams of profiled specialists. Metalstroi Stoianov & Georgiev Ltd. has own facilities:- Metal processing workshops- Warehouses- Lorry-mounted cranes- Own transport vehiclesAfter the process of manufacturing, the constructions are transported to the place for buiding. All the operations and stages of the building are very careful controlled. The execution of every project is in define term and the quality is guaranteed by Certificate. APPLICATION The metal constructions are applicable for building and other sphere in humans’ daily round.The metal constructions are applicable for buildings of metal and hangars.The metal constructions are used in building of warehouses, petrol stations, penthouses, offices and etc.The metal constructions are used not just like independent objects. They are used like bases of many buildings with different application. That’s why their construct should be done by specialized in this field companies like Metalstroi Stoianov & Georgiev Ltd. ADVANTAGES OF THE METAL CONSTRUCTI0NS Assembling of the metal constructions is vastly fasted then the traditional type of building.EconomyThe short periods for manufacturing lead to decrease of the expenses for labour connected with the metal construction’s building.The used materials are invested possibly most effective with minimum waste.

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