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Elveko - elektromontazhi

Industrial installations, fire protection, plumbing, gas, telecommunications, roads.
"Elveko - elektromontazhi" Ltd. More than 15 years of professional experience.   About Us "Elveko - elektromontazhi" Ltd. has been active since 1994 in the field of construction of electrical installing works and pipe and drainage networks. The business activity of the company, as well as the personnel of specialists, has been increasing since then due to the number of completed projects and satisfied clients. Today our company, besides the specialized activity of electrical installing and drainage network construction, executes activity in the field of building industrial and housing buildings, road building, logistics. The company has at its own disposal a railroad junction in proximity of the Customs building in Plovdiv, on which junction deliveries and handling activities with railway transport can be made. “Elveko- elektromontazhi” Ltd. has won a recognition as a specialist among the leading companies on the market, executing activity in delivery and installation of transformers, junctions, installing of middle and low voltage distribution lines, building of structural cablings (guarding, fire alarm, computer and sound cable networks), construction of pipe and drainage networks and installations. “Elveko - elektromontazhi” Ltd. is licensed by the chamber of builders for a wide spectrum of building activities. The production plant and the warehouse of the company are with covered area of 1000 sq.m.. They, as well as our central office, are located in Plovdiv, 12 Kuklensko Shosse Blvd. The second base of “Elveko- elektromontazhi” Ltd. is in close proximity of out central office, where the company has a rail junction at its own disposal.   Services Elveko - elektromontazhi Ltd. offers to the clients wide variety of building and installation services, including road building, electric and drainage networks, housing construction and construction of public premises, construction of any kind networks, finishing works and transport services. Elveko - elektromontazhi Ltd. offers complete solution, providing compatibility of the realization standards in each stage of construction. Thus, since 1994 we have guaranteed irreproachable quality. Issued certificates by the Commission for keeping, maintenance and use of the Central Professional Register of Builders Kiosk switch gear External power supply Internal installation Emergency Maintenance I & C Grounding systems Water cycle management Building   Material-technical base Elveko-elektromontazhi“ Ltd. has on its own disposal two warehouse- and transportation bases in Plovdiv, which are equipped with modern technique. The company relies mainly on its own building machines and specialized technique, which makes it compatible and independent from other subcontractors. Technical base „Elveko - elektromontazhi“ Ltd. possesses its own last generation technique, as well as the needed staff for its exploitation. The technical base includes: Own transport for any kind of loads, as well as transport for the staff: trucks: Mercedes Benz - 8 tons, MAN 32 tons, concrete transport truck - Mercedes Benz 3236, truck - towing truck Skania 124-380 with trailer 35 cub.m. and 3 axis opened platform, loading van Volkswagen, pickup Renault, etc.   Transport The railroad junction of “Elveko-elektromontazhi” Ltd. Company, situated in the southern industrial area of Plovdiv, figures in the railroad map of Republic of Bulgaria and has a license, issued by Bulgarian State railways, for exercising railway station services. It is equipped with the necessary technique for any sort of railway handling activity. In our railway distribution centre all kinds of oversized heavy loads can be delivered, where they can be transferred on private transport vehicle or on our road transport vehicles to any required destination. In our plant we have also sufficiently large covered and uncovered plot for temporally storing of all sorts of goods. Elveko-elektromontazhi Ltd offers transport services, which might be done with our trucks or concrete transport trucks.