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Crystal Ton 2 Ltd

Crystal Ton Ltd. - Bulgaria is a fully licensed manufacturer of DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10 . We are the biggest factory for CD and DVD replication in the Balkans and we are the market leader in the entire East European region. Crystal Ton Ltd. offers you: flexible production process - capabilities for production of small and large runs, obtaining always excellent quality and fully tested products; glass mastering - DVD stamper production in extremely short turn around and best quality. We hold CSS license; completed all necessary legalizations for CD and DVD production; logistics services - use of wide variety of shipping agents in order to assure unobstructed delivery to all destinations; wide variety of packing solutions - all types of packaging for our CD and DVD products - all types of Digi packs, all types of paper and card sleeves, all types of PVC wallets, DVD and CD boxes, all types of exotic slipcases and box sets.

Crystal Ton 2 Ltd - industry:

CD and DVD - production,