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Company Herkal EOOD is an assignee of “Central Repair Base” Peshtera. The association was established in 1956 with main scope of activity – production of metal constructions and repair of heavy road building and tunnel equipments. n 1999 the enterprise was denationalized and was registered by the Trade Register as EOOD (a single – member Liability Company). he new owner – Dimitar Kochev further develops the main production activities and the rich resource opportunities of the company while specializing exclusively in design work, production and erection of metal constructions. By well-planed investments and quality performance Dimitar Kochev and his team manage to turn Herkal into a odern and prospering company, one of the leaders in this business field. The company is situated on an area of 42 0 58 square meters land out of which for production departments are used – 8000 square meters. In the beginning of 2009 it was built and it is already function new workshop for high technological automation production of metal structures with totally area of 3 000 sq.m. In the management of HERKAL are included designers, construction and machine engineers, whose efforts are directed to the permanent increase of the offered products quality and meeting our clients’ requirements. All of our employees are with the necessary qualification and experience concerning their specific work. All employees with qualification “Welder” have professional certificates of legal capacity for welding which meet the European Requirements – E1-111/114; E2-111/114; E5-111/114; Е8-111/114; M2-131/135. The company has certified installing teams using the necessary mechanization, instruments and equipment. Metal constructions that we produce meet the Regulation of Essential requirements and conformity assessment of construction products and pass through 100 % incoming control of metal quantity. Company works with approved suppliers, offering raw materials and stuffs. Every delivery is accompanied by the necessary product certificates of quantity. Our partners of many years in the metal delivery are: - Hus Ltd - Klockner Metalsnab JSC - SID PAK Bulgaria JSC - Frankstahl Bulgaria Ltd - Sidma S.A – Greece The company has partners, companies from TOP 10 of the Bulgarian construction market: - Balkanstroy JSC - Glavbolgarstoy JSC - Naftex Engineering JSC - Argogroup Exact Ltd. - АТ Engineering 2000 Ltd., - Arnaudov Construction Company Ltd. - Monolit 3 Ltd. - Enemona PLC - Gaslchev Engineering Group JSC - Sienit Ltd. - Ircon Ltd. Because of the increased capacity of work we ourselves import the necessary metals from Turkey and Greece. Due to the direct import of materials, big qualities of purchase and discounts made by the traders, we are able to be flexible even when we form our price of production. . In 2003 the company introduced and started applying Quality management systems in conformity with the requirements of ЕN ISO 9001:2000 standards, with a scope of certification: “Production and erection of metal constructions”. Member of Bulgarian Construction Chamber of many years. Therefore, today, company HERKAL is among the leading companies with dynamic development whose presence on the market is strong and effective and it is well-known as a good and correct partner. Technological Equipment Machines - А shot-blasting machine for metal cleaning; - The only one in the country machine for cold bending of pipes, 2Т -profiles, T-section, set squares and buses with big diameter /up to ф 219 mm/; - Automatic and semi-automatic devices for welding; - Invertors for plasma cutting; - Stand for formed sections; - Strap-cutting machines; - Abcant; - A guillotine for mechanical cut up to 20 mm; - Lathes, mills; - Painting equipment for airless application of liquid coatings; - Bridge, overhead cranes- 5 tones, 8 tones, 10 tones-3 pcs. In 2008, with the purpose of quality improvement, HERKAL company is investing into buying of technological equipment from the American company PEDDINGHAUS, meeting completely the world level of work in this branch: - A line for tapping of beams and hot rolling profiles with CNC control; - A line for tapping, marking and cutting of sheeting with CNC control; - A line for combined cutting and drilling of plates with CNC control; - A line for spatial cutting of beams and profiles with CNC control; - A strap-cutting machine for cutting of beams and profiles with CNC control; Main Parameters The buildings of HERKAL from prefabricated elements are designed according to the order to meet your precise requirements. The main parameters which define the buildings from prefabricated elements are: - Width of building - Length of building - Height of building PROJECTS Burgas Plaza MALL-Building of the year 2009/ in the category Trade buildings/ TEMPEX - Storage base for industrial goods and an office An auto service center, the town of Peshtera Hall for high-technological production of steel structures Delikates 2 OOD – a meat-processing plant “Ideal Standard” - Extension of storage PROJECTS IN A PROCESS OF MANUFACTURING - MALL of Rousse, town of Rousse - BTV - Administrative buildings and television studios, town of Sofia - Logistical center with office building and parking lots; Sub-site: Block A,B and C, the village of Musatchevo, district Elin Pelin - Multifunctional sports hall - Sofia; Sub-site: "Training sports hall", the town of Sofia - Indoor swimming pool for communal usage, the town of Varna
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