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Wedding and party agency PRECIZ

Company "Magic Fire" Ltd. started its business with the sale of pyrotechnics and fireworks in 2000. In 2002 the business expanded by opening a new store for fireworks and party items and ballon decorations.
Сватбена и Парти Агенция ПРЕЦИЗСватбена и Парти Агенция ПРЕЦИЗ

Wedding and party agency PRECIZ

Make your holiday an unforgettable experience ...

Company "Magic Fire" Ltd. started its business with the sale of pyrotechnics and fireworks in 2000.

In 2002 the business expanded by opening a new store for fireworks and party items and ballon decorations.

As a natural extension, on 1st of February 2007 we opened - Wedding and party agency "PRECIZ". The agency offers perfect organization, precise performance, correctness towards partners and customers.

Make your holiday an unforgettable experience with the help of our proven and professional team".

We offer unique solutions and many services with which to express your individuality and style.

In the wide range of services are also included advanced solutions for the complete decoration of stores, gyms, hotels, restaurants etc..

Wedding and party agency "Preciz" works throughout the whole country, so wherever you are, you can believe us and trust us, so that we can walk together along the path from its start, to the magic of YOUR Fairy Tale!

Сватбена и парти агенция ПРЕЦИЗ

Every wedding is truly unique, and your every desire is feasible.

Whether you are planning a small or a large wedding, we will help you. Just give us a call and will gladly meet you at convenient to you day and hour, to have a friendly talk.

On our first meeting we will talk entirely about your desires and dreams, about what you like to have on your wedding. We shall discuss the implementation of their realisation, the indicative budget that you have foreseen.

Depending on how much you would like to take part in the preparation and organization of the wedding celebration, you can choose from the various options available to you. We are pleased to meet you. Tell us about your needs, what kind of wedding do you imagine and how much money would you spend on shaping your ideas and dreams.

Сватбена и Парти Агенция ПРЕЦИЗСватбена и парти агенция ПРЕЦИЗСватбена и парти агенция ПРЕЦИЗ
  • discussing your ideas for the wedding and consultations from our experts
  • creating a comprehensive scenario of the the celebration
  • choice of restaurant and menu
  • bachelor and bachelorette party
  • preparation of the documents and the date of the signing in the ritual hall, the church
  • exterior marriage ceremony
  • garden celebration
  • vintage or other car and its decoration
  • invitations - wide selection and inscriptions
  • hairdresser, cosmetologist, makeup
  • all wedding accessories / glasses, candles, gifts, fortune cookiesand others.
  • wide range of bouquets, artificial and natural flowers
  • rings and wedding rings
  • dressups for the bride and the groom
  • decoration - baloons, color, organza, lights
  • welcoming in classic or traditional custom
  • childcare for Your guests from a clown or animator
  • Our agents can attend the wedding from the beginning to the end, and monitor overall execution of the script, provide control and provide advice and assistance
  • DJ
  • bands, performers, groups, etc..
  • photography, photo book
  • video capture and clips
  • control of the restaurant
  • decoration and ritual of the marriage in municipal wedding hall or in an exterior one
  • glowing sky lanterns
  • starry sky
  • festive salutes
Сватбена и парти агенция ПРЕЦИЗСватбена и парти агенция ПРЕЦИЗ

Organization of special events


Сватбена и парти агенция ПРЕЦИЗ

You plan a presentation, opening, you want to celebrate your success with friends - You need catering services that will make your event unique!

With us you can get:

  • elegant and professional service
  • loyalty, fidelity and honesty
  • a stylish design, consistent with the location and the event
  • extensive menu selection, which can impress your guests

We have the responsibility to help you care for your party, so we offer:

  • highly qualified personnel
  • excellent cuisine
  • furniture: tables, chairs, tents and others.
  • cutlery and crockery for rent
  • last but not least - competitive prices, a lot of beauty and high spirits

Fireworks and pyrotechnic services

Fireworks - sound and light for an unforgettable moment from Your celebration!

Сватбена и парти агенция ПРЕЦИЗ

The company has shop and a warehouse for pyrotechnics from 1st to 4 grade, the necessary permits and licenses for the marketing and use of pyrotechnical devices for the performing of salutes, public events and pyro shows.

Our team of experts will design for you according to Your wishes and budget, individual script and visualization of fireworks for your celebration, complied with all the safety precautions and safe functioning.

  • stage volcanoes
  • fountains
  • waterfalls
  • electric confetti
  • glowing sky lanterns
  • many other surprises depending on your wishes.

Children's parties

Every child eagerly awaits his birthday. It is one of the biggest and most awaited events in child's life, so the kid counts the days, hours and minutes to the expected celebration. Wedding and party agency "Preciz" offers You the following services:

  • clowns
  • selection of establishment
  • decoration
  • helium balloons
  • animations
  • party accessories
  • catering services for children
  • professional videography
  • everything you need for a crazy kids party with lots of music, games and amusements.

At your disposal are Magic Clown Bobo and Santa Claus, who will visit personally your child and will bring many gifts, a lot of excitement and joy!

Company parties

A business event is ahead of you (promotion, training, meeting with business partners or just a party for all employees), no matter the occasion, adequately to it we can offer you:

  • coffee breaks
  • promotional materials - preparation and printing
  • reservations, reception and accommodation of participants
  • organizing of protocol events
  • selection of an appropriate facility and menu
  • organisation of lighting and sound
  • preparation of individual scenario
  • professional photography and videography
  • fireworks display and pyrotechnics
  • catering, ornaments and decorations
  • entertainers, dancers, fire show, bands, orchestras and live performers, a magician show, karaoke and much more.
  • funny nominations, certificates, lottery, lucky items gifts for business partners and employees

Private parties

Сватбена и парти агенция ПРЕЦИЗ

Regardless of the reasons to celebrate, you can contact our modest team / but not with modest experience / that combines quality and tradition and saves You time and frustration.

  • wedding anniversary
  • anniversary
  • christening
  • graduation balls
  • romantic gifts, experiences and others.

Eventually you get a stunning party - colorful, covered by light and music!

Call us! We expect you, filled with fresh, unique and wacky ideas.