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Architecture Studio AVANGARD

Architectural Bureau "AVANGARD" - Stara Zagora was established in 1994 and was registered with Decision No 3018 / 19.09.1994. of the Stara Zagora Regional Court. Architectural Bureau "AVANGARD" - Stara Zagora with 16 years experience in the field of investment design and spatial
 Авангард Авангард Авангард

The Architecture Studio AVANGARD
was established in 1994 in Stara Zagora and was registered with Decision No. 018/19 September 1994 of the Regional Court of Stara Zagora.

The company has 12 years of experience in the area of the investments design and the building constructions planning. The Chief Executive of the company is architect Banko Banov – member of the Chamber of the Architects in Bulgaria (CAB) and of the Bulgarian Committee of ICOMOS.

              The Architectural Design Company AVANGARD has the following technical capacity:
Авангард - Seven automated working places with PC - НР Pavilion- Pentium 4 and DUO CORE, equipped with 24", 20", 22" and 19" ACER, NEC and Fujitsu Siemens displays
- Plotter НР Designjet 130nr,gp with calorimeter
- Scanner НР Scanjet 4670 and digital camera /PENTAX/
- Laser and inkjet printers /CANON/ and multifunctional device /SAMSUNG/

The company has licensed Microsoft software and is licensed user of the Nemetchek software products – ALL PLAN FT V16, ALL PLAN FT 2004 ALL, PLAN-Generation2006 and Auto Desk 9.1.

The architectural company Avangard has its projects in all the areas of the architectural design – residential, industrial and publlic buildings and complexes, agrarian buildings and building construction planning of territories.

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