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Logistic Center Mirovyane

Logistic center "Mirovyane" Storage areas and pallet rental locations.
Logistic center "Mirovyane" Storage areas and pallet rental locations.             WELCOME Logistic Center "Mirovyane" is a company with greater capacity and capabilities, allowing us to provide flexible logistics services. A team of professionals perform your logistics and allows you to concentrate on their core business. We offer pallet rental locations and full service storage, self storage areas and workshops. Transportation of goods from one point to another. Archive - full service - transportation of your records from anywhere in Bulgaria and their storage in our warehouse, delivery the archives you need at any time, monitoring of shelf life. Our rates- 3 euro/m2 - Steel - steel structure, thermo, concrete, TIR access ,guards, CCTV, ramp.In service to our customers we offer loading and unloading services, mechanization, parking on the private car, a fast food restaurant. If you prepay 6 months, the price will go down by 0.50 euro/m2. If you want to store 1 pallet, 10 pcs cartons or non-standart goods as car ,lathe machine, etc. do not need to rent the whole warehouse - use the service "pallet places for rent".You have to pay no longer higher monthly rent and store just 1 pallet, as you know it is not profitable. Full storage services include: acceptance of goods in your warehouse, keeping stock, ordering, sorting and strech of your product.             Storage services I. Covered storage: Per day Per month 1. Standart pallet 80/120 sm. 0,10 € per piece. 3 € per piece. 2. Not standart pallet for m2 0,10 € per m2 5 € per m2 3. Not palletized goods 0,10 € per m2 5 € per m2 II. Outdoor storage: Per day Per month 1. Up to 10 pallets 0,017 € per piece. 0,50 € per piece. 2. Over 10 pallets 0,017 € per m2 0,50 € per m2 3. Not palletized goods 0,017 € per m2 0,50 € per m2 Note: We offer 15% discount on services if you prepay for 5-6 months ahead. - Standard Euro pallet: length 120 cm, width 80 cm, height 150 cm - Maximum weight to 1500 kg Euro pallet Note: In Euro pallet sizes 120/80 and height - greater than the standard 150 cm, price increases by 50% / refers to indoor storage. Note: Limit the height of outdoor storage Euro pallet to none. Note: Weight limit for non-standard pallet to outdoor and indoor storage is not available. III. Loading – unloading services: 1. Loading - unloading with forklift - 30 lv. per hour 2. Manual loading - unloading - 12 lv. per hour 3. Loading and unloading evropale - 3 lv. about 1 pc. Note: Over 10pcs. pallet - price 2lv. for pc. / IV. Complete warehouse services include: 1. Acceptance of the Goods 2. Keeping stocks 3. Order stock nomenclatures 4. Acceptance of applications 5. Preparing applications 6. Transmission of the prepared queries of your employee or client V. Prices of a query: 1. Overall evropale without further treatment - 0,80 € 2. Implementation of the request of goods from one type of volume to 1 Euro pallet - 1,20 € 3. Preparing Euro pallet - up to 10 items - 3,20 € 4. Preparing Euro pallet - up to 20 items - 3,70 € 5. Preparing Euro pallet - over 20 items - 4,10 € Note: The price includes packing of the Euro pallet Note: The price does not include the value of the Euro pallet Note: Value Euro pallet - 4 € VI. Execution time of a query: 1. Simple request: three to eight working hours per transmission 2. Urgent request: 1 to 3 hours of delivery / cost of clearance of the application is increased by 20% / 3. Application Express: 60 min. / Price-forming request is increased by 40% / Note: We offer 0.50 euros per m2 discount if you prepay for 6 months forward / applies to independent warehouses / workshops and offices.The discount in external storage area is 0.20 Euro per m2. Note: Each tenant has the opportunity to rent an office with a price 4 evro/m2 - different sizes Note: Open storage areas can be changed depending on the desired size of the client             Separate storage areas and workshops - Indoor storage : 2-3 euro/m2 - Outdoor storage : 1.5 lv/m2 For more information email us at : office@skladove.bg or call tel: 0888502616             Transport Logistic center "Mirovyane" offer transport services by truck crane, truck with tail lift, TIR, crane, buses, trucks,forklifts, heavy transport             Working time: - From Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 18:00 / apply to the administration. Saturday and Sunday - Closed / apply to the administration. Note: If a service renter-hours prices of services increased by 50% / between 18.00 and 9.00 hours / If a service renter in overtime while prices of services are negotiated / between 18.00 pm and 9.00 am. Customers can obtain information on the stocks when they wish, during working hours. Applications can be sent by fax or email.             Contacts: Адрес : village of Mirovyane zip code : 1289 Phone: +35929987042 Phone: +359888502616 Fax : +35929987042 @ Email : office@skladove.bg Web Site : http://www.skladove.bg             www.skladove.bg

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