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The Beauty Inside The demand for food supplements is getting higher. These are products, which help us feel better and live a life of higher quality. They fill us with energy and vitality – vitamins, minerals, supplements for keeping our vital energy, contribute to the good functioning of the organism and the preservation of health. Vitamins Vitamin E-100 Capsules Vitamin of youth, vitamin of fertility... An extremely strong antioxidant – it improves the circulation and protects the cardiovascular system, it lowers the blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and the powers of resistance of the body, keeps the skin vital and aids the recovery of tissues, influences the fertility of men and women, protects the eyes, and is necessary for the nerves. Vitamin B-complex Capsules The capsules contain all important vitamins from the B-complex group (В1, В2, В6 and В12). These vitamins are important for: the nerves and the brain, the metabolism, the digestive tract, the mucous membrane and the skin, the blood formation, as well as improvement of concentration. They are recommended to sports players, elderly people, exposed to stress, people with skin and hair problems, vegetarians, pregnant women, smokers and people who consume alcohol on a regular basis. Vitamin C - 45 gr Vitamin A, C and E Capsules - A magnificent daily antioxidant formula. Provitamin A, as well as vitamin C and E (antioxidants) can be used during standard or extra tension, stress situations, greater physical activities, during pregnancy, by smokers... Multivitamin Capsules They contain vitamin B-complex, C and E, as well as other valuable components. They are recommended for: stimulation of the vital energy – improvement of working capacity, concentration, the neural activity and the general immune forces of the organism, after an illness, during pregnancy and breastfeeding, in cases of general feebleness and tension. Their extensive use is necessary for sports players, in cases of heavy physical labor, for businessmen and students. They improve the daily diet and prevent complications connected with a lack of vitamins. They can also be used by diabetics. Minerals Magnesium and Calcium Tablets The magnesium and the calcium are minerals essential for the functioning of the human organism. This refers mainly to the bones, teeth, blood, heart, the muscular and the nervous system. Yeast with Selenium Plus Tablets The strong antioxidant - selenium, together with yeast, provitamin A and the vitamins C and E is an excellent way to strengthen the staying powers of the organism. The tablets in this combination affect the metabolism of the cells, lower the risk of degenerative diseases, prevent oxidation, help the detoxication of the organism, prevent aging of cells, keep the elasticity of tissues, help in cases of problem skin, nails and hair, stress conditions, nerve problems, lack of energy, exhaustion and greater physical and psychological tension, contribute for the stronger immune system and the restoration of energy. Iron Capsules They are used for prevention of lack of iron in the body. They assist the creation of the red blood cells of hemoglobin, which is necessary for the transportation of oxygen. Thus they increase working capacity. Sufficient iron in the body is important for everyone who need a great hardiness, especially the elderly people and women. An easy to absorb form of iron, it does not cause digestive problems, it is easily tolerated and quickly compensates the lack of this important for blood formation mineral. For vitality Fruit Fiber Tablets Assistance for weight loss. Dietary food supplement with fibers from citrus plants, whicha are a necessary component of you daily nutrition and are important for normal digestion and the good functioning of the intestines. With their help the body can evacuate the waste and toxic substances faster. They create a feeling of satiety, lower the appetite, stimulate digestion in a natural and healthy way. They help you not to eat too much, but still to leave the table feeling full. Their regular reception for several weeks secures a long-term success and the expected results. Aloe Vera with Vitamin E Drops Just one drop contains over 200 natural nutrients improving the vital energy! A first rate food supplement. Aloe Vera strengthens the immunity and affects positively the work of all organs. It helps in cases of immune deficiencies – prevents carcinomas: it affects positively the immune system – stimulates the formation of white blood cells, which prevent the growth of cancer cells in tumors (it is especially recommended for smokers). Garlic Oil Capsules Active health support A vegetable product for the maintenance of normal blood pressure. It reduces the increased lipids in the blood, prevents premature thickening of the arteries, stimulates blood circulation, boosts the immune system, prevents premature age mutations, balances the vital energy and contributes to the overall state of the body. Tea “Royal” A mixture of homemade tea (birch leaves, hips, anise fruit, juniper fruit, common balm leaves, parsley frout, elder blossoms, green part of milfoil), designed mainly for cleansing of the body. Its main purpose is to maintain good figure, and it is therefore used in the battle with extra kilos and the bloating of the stomach. The natural components of this tea speed up the process of fat decomposition and burning of calories. More products For Vitality The Beauty Outside Today, more than ever, it is important to have an attractive, healthy and natural look. This means, more than anything, to discover the native beauty in ourselves and to accentuate it confidently. Regardless of age and gender, you have at your disposal products based on natural substances, for the good skincare of your face, body, hands and feet, hair... Care for the face and the body Milk Concrete with Marigold Extract A perfect protection for the skin and more specifically for the face, hands and feet. It prevents chapped lips, softens the rough skin on elbows, knees, heels, protects from cold and wind... It is recommended skincare for children and adults, as well as for make-up removal. Cream-conditioner with Marigold It contains extract from the healing marigold - calen - dula, which supposedly has the capacity to cleanse, help in the healing of wounds and to stimulate the upper layer of the skin cells. It makes the skin fresh, smooth, elastic and soft. It is suitable for every skin type, especially for dry and sensitive as well as rough and damaged skin. Active Cream Q - 10 and Evening Primrose oil In-deapth wrinkle reduction cream! The active substances - coenzyme Q-10, evening primrose oil, shea plant oil and vitamin E, balance the quantity of fats and moisture in the skin, prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles, make the skin visibly younger and tighter, strengthen the tissue and make it firmer. It is suitable for gentle, dry and sensitive skin. More products for care for the face and the body Care for the hair Hair Care Set Vitamin Herbal Shampoo A combination of the vitamins А, В, Е, F, Н (biotin), calcium pantotenate, as well as extracts from chamomile, wild chestnut, field horsetail, coltsfoot, milfoil and common balm. Vitamin + herbs for activating and vitalizing of the root = healthy hair and scalp. Shampoo and Tincture for Hair Hair Shampoo Against dandruff, itching and premature hair loss. Contains efficient ingredients stimulating the hair growth, vitamin B-complex, extracts from nettle, birch, coltsfoot, wild chestnut Care for the feet Foot Care Set Triple action - activates, vitalizes, deodorizes. Besides a Balm and Bath Extract,it includes a hard sponge for efficient removal of the horny skin of the feet. Foot Fit Chip The Beauty around us RSI for green today and even greener tomorrow. The main idea guiding us in this program: “It is good to live in a clean environment” leads us to preservation of nature. With a careful selection of ecological and energy-saving products, we give you an opportunity to easily keep your home beautiful and clean without polluting the environment. Air-free bags for textile products RSI Air-free bags – are placed in a square textile bag. After the deaeration is completed using a vacuum cleaner, the bag, which is completely air-free, adjusts to the square shape of the protective textile bag, in which it is placed. The air-free bag is additionally secured by a transverse strap and is closed with a zipped lid. Thus the contents of the bag are doubly protected from external influences. It is protected from moisture, dust, dirt, insects, pets and unpleasant odors. They are perfect for placing seasonal clothes, for moving, trips, etc. Microfiber cloths They can be used for dry and damp cleaning. Perfect for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom. We recommend one cloth for each room. Their use on extremely shiny – polished surfaces or waxed furniture is not recommended. MOP SET Cleaning Set Small rubber mop and microfiber car cloth Made of specially formed polymer rubber. With the aid of electrostatic tension it works like a magnet and absorbs the dust, hairs and other dirt. Lasting, practical and easy to use and maintain – it can be washed in water which makes it more hygienic. It is used for dry cleaning (it removes the hairs, carpets, flooring, it is used for cleaning of parquet, laminate, tiles, balcony surfaces) and damp cleaning ( tiles- it collects the water, cleans snow), and it does not harm the treated surfaces. Window Cloth Extremely efficient for the cleaning of glass surfaces - windows, mirrors, paintings, for the maintenance of computers and other sensitive office equipment... It is used dry and damp. Water Filter Pure water straight from the faucet! The original product improving the quality of the water. Its definite advantage is in the instant filtering of the water, when it is used for drinking or cooking. The prefilter removes the rust, sand and other sediments form the water, the chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides, liquid industrial waste, mercury and heavy metals. It is used only to filter microbiologically clean water. Through the easy twist of the valve on the filter itself we choose – unfiltered water for washing or filtered water for drinking, cooking. Titanium Cookware A real treasure in your kitchen Maximal freedom with "no scratch"cooking"!