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Toni Fil LTD is a privately held company founded in 2008. The company is a representative of a large number of manufacturers of machinery and supplies for professional hygiene

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We offer a wide range of cleaning & washing products, cosmetics and perfumery from a wide range of local and worldwide manufacturers. We work with more than 2000 brands, highly recognized on the market, and offer a wide range of discounts, on a weekly

THB Distribution is a modern distribution company that has always brought and will continue to bring practical solutions to its clients. We are a flexible organization, operating in a dynamic environment, where our team is improving daily with practical experience in distribution and

Import and sales of sanitary equipment

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Maritza is a cleaning paste for washing dirty hands and surfaces and it has been applied with very good results for cleaning greasy spots and pollutions in the industry, households and sanitary places.

The mission of the company is to satisfy the needs of the consumers of best-quality sanitation and hygienic products. The main objective is to take over a maximum possible share of the domestic market and to win recognition as a brand symbolizing quality,

Detergent manifacturer

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Household chemicals - cleaners

Most chemicals used in everyday life are usually the whole family cleaners. I do not even notice them anymore. Look at the first opportunity their composition . Is important for two reasons. One is how affected skin and your health ? The other is - how does the environmental nature? That's why the selection of cleaners must be done carefully , with recording not only the cleaning power, but also the aggressiveness of their constituents and safety.

business.bg portal you will find a selection of companies whose activities associated with professional cleaning and cleaning forward . Once you get of the opportunities and range of services and household chemistry they offer you can choose your option. Whether you buy the required products or prefer to entrust their overall activity maintenance of hygiene at home the company or business premises - the decision is entirely yours.We will help you to be informed and justified. Enjoy !

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