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Barrel workshop “Zahariev-N” ltd

Zachariev-H is a company with over 80 years of experience in the production of barrels and barrel products. Barrel workshop "Zachariev-N" is a member of Craftsmens chamber in Bulgaria after 1998. Involved with the production of "Winery" - Plovdiv. Present condition and Production
About us Barrel workshop “Zahariev-N” ltd is situated in the village of Vratchesh, which is 3 km far from Wotevgrad. It is also near the highway road Sofia-Varna and the train station of Mezdra. The present condition and produce of the workshop comes as a result of an almost 80 year old family tradition, which is inherited from generation to generation. As a result of the social and economic changes in the country and the new legislative system in 1990 was registered a firm, who’s subject of service was production and sale of barrel products. Barrel workshop “Zahariev-N” is a member of the Craftsmens chamber in Bulgaria and since 1998 takes part with its products in “Winery” – Plovdiv. www.oakbarrels.org

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