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Desbo Ltd.

Sofia, ul. Hristo Belchev № 40, et. 1

Desbo Ltd. offers complex management of services: Lawyers office - We represent our clients to corresponding Bulgarian courts in the following segments:Administrative law; Commercial and company law; Tax lawWe prepare all necessary documents related to the normal functioning of the activities of the company. Real Estates OfficeScope of activity: mediation in buying and selling real estates, property management. Construction companyScope of activity: construction of the finished building product- family, housing, industrial construction, construction of roads and road units, renovation and restoration of old buildings . Auditing companyScope of activity: full accounting services and observation in compliance with the regulations related to accounting firms, certify the annual accounts of clients, carrying out accounting analysis, consulting, expertise, audits and evaluations of assets and liabilities of the customers. Investment mediatorScope of activity: Objects of the company is to provide investment services and carrying out investment business activities. Management company and mutual fundDesbo purpose is the management of the business of collective investment schemes and investment companies closed, including: Investment management; administration of units or shares, including legal services and accounting services in connection with asset management, requests for information to investors, valuing assets and calculating the price of the shares, monitoring compliance with statutory requirements, keeping the book of the holders of shares or shareholders, distribution of dividends and other payments, issuance, sale and redemption of units or shares, performance of contracts, keeping records; marketing services. Contact Us DesboSofia 40 Hristo Belchev str tel. +3592 9806670; +3592 9806690 fax: +3592 9807563;e-mail: desbo@mail.bg