S-Energy is a national full service debt collection agency that is specialising in Business Debt Collection and Consumer Debt Recovery. The benefits you will receive using our debt recovery service are: - Personal and corporate debts recovered - Simple, fast & efficient debt collection service - No additional fees for successful debt collection - You receive all payments - No hidden costs or percentage fees - No collection, No fee - You control the collection process - Experienced debt collectors OUR COMPANY S-Energy was established in 2005. Our Collection is located in the city of Sofia and have a network of National Collection Centers strategically located throughout the country. We collect both commercial and consumer debts. S-Energy is oriented to aid any type of money-recovery need: Banks, Insurance companies, Mortgage corporations, and lenders of any size are more than welcome to join our successful institution. Our company applies high standards of quality and professionalism in our operations at all times, in order to render the best service available in the money recovery. Client satisfaction is our highest priority. Our excellent results demand a permanent expansion process of our operations. Every single company that works S-Energy has the guarantee of professionalism, outstanding service, business transparency, honesty, accuracy and the best attitude towards any financial need. OUR TEAM We combine our efficient and certified team, our professional and experienced management, and we offer you the best option in the collection business. Our management team has over five years experience in the collection industry. Our people are dynamic with strong determinations to reach goals. We all have a constant urge of growth with enormous expectations about everything that we can obtain and offer as a company. Every employee at S-Energy manage to build excellent relations with all of our clients through our professionalism, results-oriented attitude and goal-reaching motivation. All team members are continually evaluated on the success and effectiveness of the accounts being worked. Our dedicated team knows exactly which course of action will bring about the quickest and most efficient resolution to the problem. All our collections are conducted professionally, courteously and purposefully. OUR MISSION Our primary mission is to recover your money as quickly as possible; to create and deliver collection solutions, allowing our clients to focus on their core competencies; to serve our clients, customers and employees in an ethical, honest, professional manner and to provide solutions to the issues concerning those we serve. S-Energy is committed to recovering your funds. We believe that every debtor has the ability to pay if motivated correctly. We do not alienate the debtors; we attempt to align with them and offer a number of ways to resolve your debts. S-Energy staff is highly skilled at applying a sincere solution for your specific collection needs. Not all Collection Agencies are created equal. S-Energy knows that it will take different approaches to different debtors. Commercial or Consumer, Large or Small, S-Energy will produce results. OUR VISION Our people have the commitment to achieve the best results for our clients, as we have the strength, motivation and the vision to make S-Energy the best collection agency in the market. Every person at S-Energy shares the main vision of success and are willing to take on any challenge to ensure the best business relationship with our clients. S-Energy will help you focus on running your business and ease your worries about getting paid. Image is everything! S-Energy knows that we are an extension of your business and we will do everything to maintain a working relationship with your debtors. It is our vision to optimize returns, face the daily challenges that we enjoy so, and increase our client's returns through our efforts. OUR GOALS Our company’s goal is to assist with solutions which will maximize profits and increase your company’s bottom line. Our aim is always to collect your debt quickly and without the need for legal proceedings if possible. Our company’s objective is to become your collection partner by providing you with a stress free way of collecting your outstanding receivables. This will allow your firm to focus on your business. SERVICES Our extensive portfolio of products and services ensures a first class service for our clients including: - Call Center Notification - Letter Notification - SMS Notification - Personal Visits S-Energy establish a specific policy for management of its receivables from day one through the time that the account becomes delinquent. It is imperative to have an action plan. You may have good customers that need a little understanding and patience while others need to be handled with a stronger approach which may require litigation. Our debt collection procedure usually begins with a phone call. Once we make the debtor aware that we are taking over the debt and we explain the consequences of non-payment, they soon begin to take the matter more seriously. Regular letter and/or sms notifications are executed. If telephone negotiation does not work, we arrange a personal visit. Why use face to face debt recovery? Our collectors presence is required because debtors have usually begun to ignore letters and/or phone calls, made empty promises. These are all clear warning signs that a personal visit is going to be the most effective way of getting through to them - its not easy to ignore our debt collectors on the doorstep. With offices in Sofia, Varna and Kyustendil we are able to offer a nationwide debt collection service. Our trained investigators/ negotiators will initially contact debtors by telephone and professionally negotiate settlements or arrange a meeting to open the line of communication to recover your money. Our agents are very persuasive and your debtors will soon discover that a debt collector is not as easy to ignore as a letter or phone call. Over the years we have encountered every excuse and we know how to get round them. Our debt collectors know which techniques will work on each type of individual. By applying the right amount of pressure and refusing to take no for an answer, our debt collectors will succeed where others have failed.

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