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BIENBI Trading Ltd

BIENBI Trading Ltd. was founded in the beginnng of 2009. Our main goal is to meet the specific needs of the:
BIENBI Trading Ltd. was founded in the beginnng of 2009. Our main goal is to meet the specific needs of the:   RECYCLING INDUSTRY High quality wear-resisting parts for: Shredder for scrap metal – hammers, axes, anvils, rotor covers, upper and lower grilles, casted mechanically treated cladding plates, forged bolts with round and oval head with a tensile -10.9 and 12.9, self-retention nuts, washers, etc.; Balers – wear plates, fasteners and more; Scissors for Scrap – knives, directing runners, cladding panels, high-strength bolts, nuts and more; Briquetting machines – Cylinders, rods, pistons, extruders and more Machinery for processing of steel and cable scrap, such as: Hydraulic shears for scrap steel type "Alligator"; Hydraulic cable cutters, scrap type "Alligator"; Mechanical, Pneumatic, Electric and Hydraulic cable cutters ; Machines for peeling of cables ; Cable granulators for scrap . MINING INDUSTRY   High quality wear-resistant parts for: Impact crushers – Hammers naboyni plates, milled edges, holes, side cladding panels, High-strength bolts, etc.; Mills – hammers, axes, milled beams, side cladding etc.; Jaw crushers – fixed and movable plates, wedges, side cladding etc.; Cone crushers – mobile and stationary cones, power cones, epoxyde resin and more. Sieving Surfaces made of: Spring wire or stainless steel; Perforated steel; Rubber; Polyurethane; Special combined sieves. Polyurethane and other components for conveyor and sieving systems Covered with polyurethane rubber impact beams; Fuses, sprayers, drivers and knobs; Polyurethane cleaners and tippers for belts; Driving and tensioning drums, normal and magnetic; Rollers with smooth surface; also with rubber or polyurethane rings; Roller bearers and many other   Parts and consumables CRUSHERS - Impact-reflective We supply parts for impact-reflective crushers from industry-leading companies such as: Metso Minerals, Tesab, Hartl, Extec, SBM, HAZEMAG, Kleemann, Rubble Master and others. We offer a wide range of spare parts and consumables. Hammers manufactured by: Manganese steel with working hardness of 500 ? 600 HV Maraging steel with hardness HRC 54 ? 58 Stainless steel with ? 15% chrome with hardness HRC 55 ? 60 Stainless steel with ? 35% chrome with hardness HRC 60 ? 65 Chromium or maraging steel with ceramic inserts Porthole plates: Casted from manganese steel with working hardness up to 700 HV; Made of wear resistant steel. Lateral cladded plates: Made of wear resistant steel with a hardness of 600 HB; bearing layer of wear-resistant coating with a hardness of 60/ 65 HRC. Portholes (Base of porthole plates), Rotors Jaw crushers We supply parts for crushers, produced by: Metso Minerals, Sandvik, Hartl, Tesab, Fintec, Finlay, Extec, Pegson, Kleemann, Locomo and others. The range of products that we offer includes: Mobile and fixed worktops - Casted from manganese steel with working hardness to 700 HV Wedges to attach the worktops - Casted from manganese steel with working hardness up to 700 HV Lateral cladded plates - from wear resistant steel with a hardness of 600 HB Pendulum support arm for mobile worktop Eccentric shafts Cone Crushers We deliver quality parts for crushers manufactured by reputable companies: Metso Minerals, Sandvik, Krupp, Kue Ken, Osborn, Hartl, Fintec, Symons, Pegson, Locomo, Bergaud and others. We offer a wide range of spare parts and consumables: Central shafts Mobile, stationary and powering cones, casted from manganese steel with working hardness of HV 700 Eccentric and supporting bearings, bearing bushings Epoxide resins Hammer Crushers - The range of products for hammer crushers that we offer includes: Hammers produced by: Manganese steel with working hardness of 500 / 700 HV Maraging steel with a hardness of 54/ 58 HRC Alloyedsteel with 15% chrome with hardness 55/ 60 HRC Alloyed steel with 35% chrome with hardness 60/ 65 HRC Axles for hammers - Forged and heat-treated with strength of 1300 1500 N / mm; Milled beams (Bars); Lateral cladding plates. Sieving surfaces   WIRE SIEVES - Wire sieves according to DIN 4192 / ISO 4783-3 Materials: Spring steel, DIN 17223 A, a tensile strength up to 2100 N / mm?; Material No 1.0516, tensile strength up to 950 N / mm?; Material No 1.0415, tensile strength up to 900 N / mm?; Stainless steel No 1.4301. STRING SIEVES - String sieves with polyurethane or metal edging -ISEVENO - Strings, opening from 2.0 to 10.0 mm; ISERPAL - Strings, opening from 1.5 to 24.0 mm; N - Strings, cracks with a width of 1.0 to 20.0 mm; ISEVIER - Strings with PU-edges, cracks with a width of 1.2 to 20.0 mm. Available upon request we can make sieves with widths other than those specified herein. RUBBER SIEVES - ISEGUM – sieves, made of rubber. Implemented in different modifications and openings up to 130 mm. Can be used in all types of sifting equipment such as sieves with pull in edges, sieves with lateral tensioning, flat panels, frame sieves, modular system components for WS 85 PU-NETS ISE-FLEX - polyurethane nets ISE-FLEX - Flexible polyurethane nets / wire with superior performance and long life. Square and rectangular openings, ranging from 2.5 to 50.0 mm SIEVES FROM ISEPREN- We offer a wide range of products from ISEPREN . The polyurethane sifting surfaces are ideal for dehydration and separation of all components, from primary coarse fractions to sand and finer products. The sieves of ISEPREN ® are produced in different modifications using different polyurethane systems with different hardness, depending on the application. QUICK-CHANGE SIEVES - WS 85 for polyurethane, rubber and metal sieves; WS 83 for wire sieves. Easy installation and fast replacement of the sieves!   RECYCLING SHREDDERS We supply spare parts and consumables for shredders for scrap metal of the renowned marks Lindemann, Newell, Henschel, Lynxs, Becker and others. Hammers- We offer volume-heterogeneous hardened hammers for shredders. The hardness profile gradually increases from 38 HRC in the axis zone to 53 HRC in the working area of the hammer strike. As a result, the hammer is softer and stringy in the endangered section around the axis , which absorbs huge strains. In this way the hammer is hard and durable in the work area, and the risk of rupture is minimal and with it we guarantee a long service life. The products are checked by magnetic defects testing of all castings produced, thus ensuring the customers their high quality.   Axles for hammers: "LINDEMAN" type, Smooth or furrowed, with unilateral threaded openings. "ОRT" type - Smooth with unilateral threaded openings. "NEWELL" type - Smooth, with unilateral or bilateral threaded openings. Rotor lids - Casted rotor lids with hardness of 38 HRC; Welded rotor lids with hardness 48/ 50 HRC. Upper and lower segment lattices We also offer: abradable casted front and rear panels, side cladding "Hardox". Fasteners: bolts with round, oval or segmental head, class 10.9 or 12.9; self-retention nuts and washers. We manufacture Fasteners with threaded sizes M36h3, M48h3, M56h4, M64h4 and many others. SCISSORS FOR SCRAP We offer parts and supplies for scrap shears of renowned trademarks: Lindemann, Henschel, Becker, Ing. Bonfiglioli, Acros, Lefort, Bronnebergand others. We offer: Mobile Knives for mobile shears Backing and Fastening elements BALERS We offer parts and supplies for balers from industry-leading brands such as Henschel, Becker and others. Hull planking, smooth Hull planking with channels Fasteners - depending on the model. BRIQUETTE MACHINES We offer parts and supplies for briquetting machines from popular manufacturers such as Lindemann, Arnold. We also produce parts according to customer's drawings. For briquette machines manufactured by ARNOLD: HSB 15: ? 140 ? 150; HSB 18: ? 180. For briquette machines produced by METSO / LINDEMANN: MUB160, MUB 320, MUB 500, MUB 620, MUB 630