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"FONDRIMA&CO" SLTD "FONDRIMA&CO" SLtd is a Bulgarian manufacturer of aluminium alloys. The company has twenty years of experience producing aluminium alloys both for Bulgarian market and abroad.           Our products : Our ideology is related to flexible manufacturing - we are flexible to produce an alloy based on your specific demands and deadlines. We produce aluminum alloys DIN 226, 230, 231 and 239 as well as deoxidation of aluminium block A97% and C89%. A97% и C89%.           About us : "High quality aluminium alloys delivered on time" " "We produce high quality aluminium alloys for your specific needs"" We are compact team of engineers and business professionals and we dedicated our efforts in meeting the expectations of both Bulgarian and foreign clients for producing high quality aluminium alloys. Throughout our twenty years presence on the market, the key word between us and our clients and suppliers is trust.           Tell us your demands: You want to order aluminium alloy with specific levels of AI, Cu, Fe, Si, Mg achieving the precise levels of the metals in the alloy is crucial for yours or your clients' needs. We know that and it is our key ideology to produce for you the exact alloy based on your specifically ordered demands.           How we produce the alloy: We have a foundry and warehousing facilities. We use aluminum scrap from automobile and machinery industry as a material for producing the alloy. "We use various aluminium scrap materials depending on the alloy characteristics"           How we deliver the alloy: We negotiate with the client the specific conditions of the shipment. Clients from abroad may use their own transport for loading the produced alloy from our warehouse. Using the services of a logistics company is also an option for shipment abroad. For the domestic market we use our own trucks for delivering orders less than 6 tons. Whether you need aluminium alloys with specific chemical structure for your business and you seek the optimal solution considering price, quality and timely delivery - Fondrima can be your choice for long-term partnership. Send us your request with alloy specifications and delivery dates and we will get back to you with an offer. Fax: +359 6153 5507 email:fondrima ltd@abv.bg           www.fondrima.business.bg