The main activities of P end N Bulgaria EOOD are: prefabrication and installation of steel structures dismantling of steel structures production of steel structures for halls production of metal structures for storage facilities

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English translation is in progress or not avaiable.

Nestandart LTD:was established in 1994 with main activity of making metal products and restaurant equipment and furniture from INOX. It has its own base with appropriate machinery and equipment for the business which the company performs.

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VARAN-56 LTD was established in 1990. Since 1999, the company specializes in the production of metal products primarily for the needs of industrial factories at home and abroad, such as production equipment - stands, different transport trolleys, tilting tanks, tilting containers for

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English translation is in progress or not avaiable.

English translation is in progress or not avaiable.

Company "Cvetelina 93" was founded in 1992. From 1994 the company begins production of wire shelves for display of postcards. Over the years the company specialized in the production of advertising shelves.

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Metal products

In the age of plastic almost do not realize that our world still rests on metals. Look around you - from the steel structure that supports the building where Are you up to the small stuff around you - like say paper clips , still talking about metal products. Made in infinitely different ways , with different technologies and equipment.

But anyway, if you have metal frames , wire, or whatever it is - looking it in a large variety of metal products. type into a search engine . Here you will find a collection of hundreds of companies producing everything from metal - from the small and clever gadgets home to entire prefabricated buildings, warehouses , etc. are tight and neatly presented directions in which work equipment at their disposal , additional services offered in connection with its metal products. Use the contact details and call them or write an email . Select our help product material partner.

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