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Sofia, zh.k. Krasno selo bl.15 zad vh.A


Scope of activity:

1. Design and manufacture of electronics and microprocessors devices in the field of:

- medical systems
- control of manufacturing processes
- telemetric systems
- smart card paying systems
- apparatus for scientific research
- telephone call tariff systems
- home and office security and fire alarm systems, security and fire alarm systems with individual access for administrative buildings - non-standard and stand equipment

2. Supply and assembly of security fire alarm and telephone equipment.

3. Products in production:

- LED dental curing and therapy lamps with high power
- Portable device for diagnostic and electrotherapy in dentistry
- Electronic modules for industrial and home gas meters with prepayment for Kale Energy – Turkey
- Data accusation systems for electrometers, or other measure devises with “Power Line Net” and “GSMNet” communications
- Tire balance electronic machine with double indication
- Electronic counters and timers (bi-channel, six-digit), tachometers, indicator modules, stop module for ac motors e.c.
- Telephone calls taxing meters with printer unit
- Telephone calls taxing meters, generating 16kHz pulses for IP telephone
- Security minipanels- single, with build-in dialer or combined in one system - up to 64 units
- Security - fire alarm systems
- Switching power supplies