The company’s main activity is import and trade with automobile tyres. “PRIMEX” Ltd. is an official importer for Bulgaria of “GOODYEAR DUNLOP TYRES” Company. The company distributes mainly tyres manufactured in the Goodyear, Fulda, Sava concerns. It is importer of the full range of tyres from the factories: Nizhnekamskshina, Voronezhshina, Yaroslavshina, Voltyre, Dneproshina and Belshina. Authorized producer of cold retreate truck tires with materials developed by a Ellerbrock technology (Germany). “PRIMEX” Ltd. has tyre centres in the towns of Shumen, Varna, Dobrich and Burgas. All of the centres are equipped with machinery for mounting, dismantling and balance of tyres with measures from 5” to 52”. The available machines give the opportunity for mounting of tyres for cars, light- and heavy-freight vehicles as well as for road-construction machinery, quarry machines and other with special function. In 2004 the new tyre-centre “PRIMEX” Ltd. was designed and constructed. The building is with 3 800 sq. m. built-up area on two levels and is a modern complex, designed to fully satisfy the requirements of the most pretentious clients. At the same time it is the central logistical storehouse of the company. The offered services at the centre are: - Adjustment of front and rear axle of cars, light- and heavy-freight vehicles and buses - Carwash - Mounting, dismantling and balance for lorries and buses - Mounting, dismantling and balance for cars and light-freight vehicles The technical personnel of “PRIMEX” Ltd. has received a good training within the framework of joint projects for qualification with the factories-manufacturers. Fluctuation of the personnel in the company is nearly nullified so that the people holding particular office acquire experience from the foundation of the company. From its foundation in 1997 the company marks constant growth in the volume of its sales. This is a direct consequence of the increased range of the offered tyres and the leading of successive politics, orientated to attracting new clients. The opening of tyre-centres in other big towns in the country is due. The company has over 3000 clients mainly in North-eastern Bulgaria. Enormous advantage for all of them is the flexible marketing structure, created by the company, and the vast nomenclature of tyres, available in the storehouses of the company. Every delivery is accompanied by a quality certificate of each consignment under factory numbers, which are unique for each and every tyre and are described in the guarantee card. All of the tyres, delivered to the clients, are accompanied by a guarantee card, prepared in cooperation with the factories-manufacturers. “PRIMEX” Ltd. joined the family of companies holding the international certificate for quality ISO 9001:2000. Shumen str. Cvetan Zangov 1 tel.: 054/ 83 08 92; 83 18 35; 83 14 45 fax: 83 24 00 GSM: 0888 827 718; 0886 473 484 e-mail: Varna Zapadna promishlena zona str. Atanas Dalchev 74 tel.: 052/ 50 57 84; 75 01 00 fax: 75 02 00 e-mail: Dobrich str. 25 Septemvri 8 tel/fax: 058/ 60 57 72 GSM: 0887 839 387 e-mail: Burgas str. Odrin 7 tel: 056/ 81 32 85 e-mail: Ruse str. Tutrakan 32 tel/fax: 082/ 84 17 74 GSM: 0885 25 73 03 e-mail: Sofia str. Cherni vrah 198 tel.: 02/ 967 21 21 fax: 967 31 31GSM: 0887 46 09 09 e-mail:


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