Kintrade Ltd was found in 1996 and since then the company import polyethylene from Arpechim, HIP, Chemopetrol, TVK. Since 1998 the company offer to the Bulgarian market polyethylene foam foils. In 2004 was built the new factory of

Performing of engineering activity in the area of design, implementation and manufacture of plastic and metal products, instrumental equipment and unconventional equipment for the needs of machine building, device building and household or by client's request, upon presentation of the

"Еmo and sons 60"LTDstarts its activity back in 1993 as a sole trader "Emo and Sons." Like any beginning, this as well is a modest one - only onestore for retail trade.The beginning may be a modest one, but the team's ambitions have always been high.

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Kao-Technics Ltd. is specialised in the manufacturing of rubber mixtures, goods and articles. You can rely on an experienced team of specialists dedicated to the costumers' will. At present, the company continues

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“SARJE” LTD has been created in 1997 in gabrovo city. With over ten year history, the company has established itself as one of the largest producers of PVC-pipes, fittings, profiles, garden hoses and granules on the Bulgarian market. The company produces a wide range of products,

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The TRELP – GEORGIEVI & Co. was established as a family business in 1991. /reg. No: 3899 dated 24th June 1991 – Varna District Court/. In accordance with the up-to-date legislation at that time the company was a cooperative firm. Since 1998 the company has been changed into The TRELP –

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