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Integral 2005

Sun Trackers for photovoltaic solar panels are designed for "3K" LTD Varna, Bulgaria. Integral 2005 LTD is first Bulgarian manufacturer of Sun Tracker Systems. 8 hours of tracking the sun at a perpendicular angle for maximum power output. From 1 to 15 trackers are controlled by one
Tervel, ul. Car Kaloian 26, Zavod "HanTervel"

Integral 2005 If the electricity bill gives you the creeps, consider this carefully The first movable solar collector The first movable solar collector entirely manufactured in Bulgaria - "Focus 42" Accurately oriented to the sun for 8 hours - it tracks the sun even in cloudy weather Constantly measures the temperature at the input and at the output – it knows what it has heated Protected against overheating - automatically rotates until it cools down Self-cleaning in case of heaped snow or leaves – they fall themselves when the unit tilts It has an integral accumulator - does not stop the pump, neither exceeds the pipe pressure Supplied with a lit LCD for easy supervision of the data Disconnects the water heater off the electricity mains, when it receives energy from the sun     www.integral2005.com