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Sovis Ltd.

We are a company with a rich professional experience and technological possibilities in designing and manufacturing of: Dies; Injection moulds; Pressforms; Blastforms; Plastic details and products. Our Advantages: Adaptability in bearing to customers need
Exclusive OFFER!

Order New moulds till 31.12.2017 and take 7 years warranty*

Совис ООД

7 years mould warranty!

order a new mould(s) till 31.12.2017 and leave it to us for injecting the plastic parts. Take exclusive 7 years mould warranty!
Совис ООД

7 years maintenance and service!

Take this offer and leave the care for your moulds to us FREE OF CHARGE FOR 7 YEARS!
Совис ООД

7 years top quality of your plastics!

Take maximum quality for your parts, which we produce according to high standarts!
* Basic conditions about Exclusive OFFER:

1. Exclusive offer is valid if advance payment of ordered moulds is made till 31.12.2017;
2. Exclusive offer is valid in case that molds after producing stay for regulare injection into SOVIS Ltd till the end of warranty period!

Совис ООД
About us:

  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД
  • Совис ООД

We can offer on your services 50 years tradition and professionalism in designing, producing, and renovation of:

  • Dies
  • Injection Moulds
  • Die-Castings
  • Blow Moulds
  • Injected plastic parts
Our Advantages:
  • High Quality
  • Short terms;
  • Possibilities to make an optimize design of the parts
  • Fast reaction if renovation or maintenance is necessary
  • Long life of products
Our customers can be:
  • Users and executors of tool equipment
  • Commercial companies of plastic products
  • Producers or consumers of plastic details and products


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