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Polimeri BG EOOD

The main activity of BG Polymers Company is production of PP and PE bags - the technology, the biodiversity we can offer and the quality of our products.
Полипропиленови чували

The main activity of BG Polymers Company is production of PP and PE bags - the technology, the biodiversity we can offer and the quality of our products.

Company BG Polymers Ltd. is a member of a Romanian company, besides as a manufacturer of bags it is also known for the manufacture of paints and the extraction of calcium carbonate - CaCO3.

Полипропиленови чувалиПолипропиленови чували

BG Polymers Company was founded in 2004. and from its inception until today, following closely their goals and market trends packages succeeded to serve best our clients and meet their needs.

Our production is realized, both at the Bulgarian and European market. Our clients are companies in the following industries: chemical industry, food industry, agriculture and others. Our products have the necessary certificates of quality and sanitary permits to use them.

 We have the newest machinery and equipment of the world famous Austrian marks "STARLINGER" and this allows us to produce top quality bags with width from 35 centimeters to one meter in length and unlimited opportunity for band serial printing up to 6 colors.


Полипропиленови чувалиПолипропиленови чували


Quality of output - the bags are manufactured in strict accordance with safety requirements for working with them in the European Union, UV-stabilized polypropylene fabric guarantees the strength of the pack.

Quantity - monthly produce polypropylene 9,000,000 and 3,000,000 plastic bags.

PP bags

The bags are manufactured from raw material. We are committed to deliver the highest quality at competitive prices. For this purpose is introduced the latest generation of automated technology. Our production capacity provides an opportunity to meet the need for large volumes and multicolor printing.

Полипропиленови чувалиПолипропиленови чували


  • Length: 40 cm-125 cm;
  • Width: 35 cm, 85 cm;
  • Weight: 45-120g/m2;
  • Print: up to 6 colors, unilateral and bilateral;
  • Type of opening: straight or Zig Zag;
  • Color of the fabric: all colors;
  • Packing: in bales of 500 or 1000;

PE bags

Полипропиленови чували

Polyethylene bags are produced by extrusion of low density polyethylene. Extremely resistant to shocks during transportation. Designed for storage of powdered and granulated products as food and food products.They are widely preferred because of their water resistance.


  • Length: 30 cm - 700 cm;
  • thickness - 20?m - 300?m;
  • Color: all colors;
  • Packaging: one bale 200 pieces;

Big Bags

In terms of number of holders for suspension / ears / we produce: 1, 2 and 4-point containers;

In terms for the mode of filling and for the bottom are:

  • open
  • with inlet and outlet nozzle
  • with a removable lid
  • an apron top and fastening connection after filling
  • flat square bottom

According to material from which the containers are made:

  • plain and laminated PP woven fabric (coated and uncoated), if necessary, is placed polyester fabric inside

СAccording to its load: 500 to 2000 kg

We have an opportunity for six-color printing of containers

Safety factor: 5:1

Полипропиленови чували Полипропиленови чувалиПолипропиленови чували

Полипропиленови чували

The use of high technology and strict control over the production process leads to quality products like the threads manufactured by us. They are tested in laboratories and their quality is confirmed by certificates.


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Density: 600-3000 denars
  • Colors: black, blue, red, yellow, green, white.
  • Endurance:> 700 N / den

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